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Welcome to Temple Priapus

We are very excited that you have found us!

This is the foundation of our individual Temples that are forming throughout the world. We hope you find freedom here to worship Cock and to recognize Him as the creator of all things! We place our faith and our trust in Cock — and believe that Cock is the manifestation of God in our lives. We welcome all Men (bi, straight or gay) to the Temple — for we believe that Cock is God and He has chosen us to be His carrier. All men — regardless of nationality, ethnic origin, or skin color — are welcome. If you love, honor and find pleasure in Cock on a spiritual level — this could be your new home! We hope you will find things that stir an interest and bring you back for more! In the meantime, feel free to browse through what we have — and hopefully you will find something that you are looking for. There is always someone available to answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to write to us using the form on the Contact page. In May 2018 during “The Cockabration” in Montreal, our High Priest/Pontifex Francis decided to step aside from this blessed role that he has held since the late ‘70’s. He has seen the Temple through many things and we truly LOVE and APPRECIATE EVERYTHING he has done! Without him the Temple may not have ever survived! We Thank and Honor our beloved Pontifex!!! It was at that time, I was chosen to assume that role! My name is Father Marc and I am from Santa Cruz, California. I am eternally grateful, humbled and excited about what lies ahead for Temple Priapus! I have devoted myself fully to Cock — and in doing so He has chosen me to lead Temple Priapus. I believe through the Temple and our belief in Cock, we have the ability to bring ALL men into a NEW and WONDERFUL LIFE!!! Perhaps the Priests of the Temple or myself can help you along this path! We would love to be there for you on this journey!!! Come join us and let us worship our God together!!! LET US CUM TOGETHER!!! LET US PISS TOGETHER!!! LET US STROKE TOGETHER!!! LET US EDGE AND GOON TOGETHER!!! LET US SUCK TOGETHER!!! LET US FUCK TOGETHER!!! LET US SODOMIZE AND LET OUR MOANS BE HEARD BY OUR GREAT LORD AND MASTER!!! LET US BE A BROTHERHOOD OF MEN WHO LOVE COCK WITHOUT LABELS!!! FOR COCK DOESN’T KNOW OR UNDERSTAND GAY, BI OR STRAIGHT!!! IN COCK WE ARE MEN, THE CARRIERS OF GOD!!! LET US DO ALL OF THIS WITHOUT SHAME OR GUILT!!! FOR WITH COCK AS GOD, THERE IS NO SHAME AND NO GUILT!!! COCK IS GOD!!! GOD IS COCK!!! WELCOME TO A NEW DAY WITH COCK!!! WELCOME TO A NEW CHAPTER FOR TEMPLE PRIAPUS!!!


Cock Creed

I believe in you, my glorious and divine Penis. You are the center of my body, my life, my sexuality, and my spirituality. You fill my entire body with your sexual energy. I am totally devoted to you. You are my God and indeed my whole being.