10/31/18 – Heavy Heart – but HOPE!

I write to you today with a heavy heart. I’ll bet you haven’t heard that in a long time! It seems like everyone has a heavy heart these days.


I live in the United States – our Temple is in the United States. We are essentially 5 days away from an election that could make a huge difference in our world, as we know it today. I remain hopeful!


I’m tired, my Brothers! I’m tired of the hate, the fear, the fighting – the unkindness of people toward one another. I’m also tired of the “vulnerable people” – those that give power to the fear and hate. I call them “vulnerable people” – but I can think of many other names I could call them – but that too is unkind. So for now, we shall call them “vulnerable people”.


Within the last few weeks, we had a “vulnerable person” walking among us. He identified as a “gay white nationalist”. When we figured this out, myself, and others in the leadership of the Temple, discussed what needed to be done. It was unanimous that he was not welcome. I confronted him, told him of our stance and our belief in the Temple – and he left. We rejoice that he left on his own and no further action needed to be taken. The Temple was founded on being a safe space and welcoming space to ALL men – and it shall always remain as such!


Now, before I go on let me be clear – The Temple of Priapus is a community of men that have come together to worship the Phallus. We recognize that Cock is the way that God has been made known to us. We believe that God is in Cock and we worship the Cock as God. We refer to our community of men as a “Brotherhood”. All men are welcome into this “Brotherhood”. We believe that Cock, our Lord doesn’t see race or sexual orientation as a discriminating factor; we too make this our standard as well. We expect that when you present yourself to us for membership, you are of legal age (age of consent in the community that you live in) and you understand that intimate and sexual relations between men are welcome and encouraged here. Pedophilia and bestiality are not!


This last week we were also asked if women could be a part of the Temple. Again, the leaders discussed this – and although we have no animosity toward women – in fact, many of us love women as our life partners and family, and we truly find sacredness in women – we decided that this should be a “home” for men only. A place where men could commune with other men – to be free to share and socialize together – to discover and enhance our sexual lives – and to worship our Lord and Savior, Cock and bond together as men with Cock as the central figure of our worship and of our lives. We are men that identify as many things. Solosexuals, Cock Worshippers, Sodomizers, Bators, Tops, Bottoms and Versatile, Gay, Bisexual and Straight…and I could go on and on listing the “titles” we could give ourselves. But the one thing remains – and that is Cock is the central figure of our lives! He is our God!


Immediately when I say this, the next question arises “Do I have to worship every Cock and be with every man that arrives before me in my life or at the Temple?” Let me be clear here as well. Not everyone has the same taste in men! We all have preferences! We are all attracted to different men for different reasons. You do not have to be attracted to every man that walks through the door. However, every man carries God – and that MUST be respected and recognized. There is a huge valley of difference between “hate” and “preference”. And as a man and also as the leader of this Temple, I recognize sexual preferences play a large role in our sexual lives! Respect, Love, and Kindness are the things that we must strive for as we meet together as a Brotherhood.


21 years ago (this weekend) I met a man. He was not the man I had dreamed about. He was not my ideal. He was not the man I fantasized about, nor did he even come close. We met at a sex party. We talked for a bit. We laughed for a bit – and I soon noticed my Cock was erect and ready for some attention. As I said, that was 21 years ago, and he still turns me on to this day! We are married now. He is now the man of my dreams – but he’s not my ideal man in the physical sense – but I wouldn’t trade him for ANYTHING in the world!!


I tell you that because I want you to open yourself up to anything Cock may have in store for you! Let Him lead you! Let Him be your inspiration! Don’t allow stereotypes and preference be your only guide. LET COCK BE YOUR GUIDE!  Let us love, respect, care, honor, unite and lead! Let us set the example in these bleak times! Let us show each other and the world that there is hope and that men can have a bond that shall not be broken!!! WE ARE THOSE MEN AND COCK IS OUR GOD!!!

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