A Call to Phallic Ecumenism

Truth is highly subjective, as we live in a very diverse world. The post-colonial view of a healthy and diverse world can and will support multiple truths — situated in each individual’s physical and spiritual location of existence. However, there do have to be some overarching ideals that we can all aspire to.

Many of these aspirational ideals have existed long before Moses or even Hammurabi put them, quite literally, into stone: don’t commit murder, envy greed and jealousy do not have a place in peaceful society; family and psychosexual relationships are important and should be protected; and that there are important social contracts that should be honored for the peace of all.

At this critical juncture in history, it is important for The Phallic Brotherhood to set some public definitions on our faith — an “articles of faith” document — that sets the parameters for our global community, while clearly defining certain elements of our faith community, We also remain phallic ecumenical as well. There are wide variations in current phallic worship: from Satanic, Pagan, Pre-Christian, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and others.

The worship of sexuality has predated all known written records and has evidence throughout the globe that precedes written history. It is illogical to assume that worship of the Penis is the only route to enlightenment. Therefore, we should strive to clearly outline a foundation of the worship of Cock, our God, that can appeal to all those who might come from any of the current faith / religious backgrounds.

Some of these definitions exist in numerous different documents. Being as diverse as we are even among the members of the Brotherhood, we don’t need to agree on all things related to our spiritual practice, but we do need a unified front on what we tell the body of our believers, and the information we make public to those who want to know more about the Brotherhood and our Faith.

Who or what is GOD? (Again, think broadly from all faith traditions.)

God is bigger than any living thing, or any concept or idea. We believe in the divine nature of the male Penis / Cock. This is the physical manifestation of God, and the sperm He provides is the basis of all creation. Both semen and piss are considered holy fluids from our GOD. While one or both may be involved in worship, please see the Worship section below for understanding your role in contact with these holy fluids.

The nature of Man: The male Penis is the one thing that unites all human males. We each have a Penis, and that is a manifestation of the living GOD. Sex is an important aspect of life, but it is also meant to be a spiritual bonding experience, through our GOD COCK. All human beings can be a devotee of COCK. The sexual orientation of the devotee is not important. But one must understand that some interaction with COCK is integral to His worship and devotion.

Worship: Worship of COCK / PENIS is what makes us fundamentally different from simply being wankers, cocksuckers, and sodomites. Worship or devotion to the power of creation that is our GOD COCK can take many forms: masturbation, oral sex, or sodomy / intercourse. Worship involves the reverence and prayer to COCK during sexual activity. This, in turn, provides pleasure given to us by GOD himself. Some level of exposure to semen and / or piss will often be involved in worship, as these are considered holy secretions of our GOD. There are certain things that worship of Cock can never include: rape; coercion, or sexual activities with those younger than legal age of consent in the community; or significant bodily injury to the host or worshipper. True worship is done with a glad and eager heart. We believe that unfulfilled sexual connection leads to disease, poverty, jealousy, greed, and hatred. We believe that sexual worship can cure disease and destroy evil.

Diversity of Life and Expression: Many men will be solitary practitioners — chronic solo masturbators. Others will want to masturbate together or for one another. Still others will want to open their mouths for oral worship of our GOD. And there will be still others who wish to sodomize, be sodomized, or both for our GOD. No man should be coerced to engage in any level of worship with which he does not feel ready or willing to perform. However, and this is very important: As we are all carriers of the living GOD, our physical appearance is not a classification of good and bad; meaning that GOD comes in all sizes, ages, colors, and creeds — it is COCK being glorified, not the man. When our hearts and minds are on COCK, he will lead us to happiness regardless of the man with whom he is embodied. We may not be moved to worship the COCK of every man, but we should always understand that every man is connected to one another through COCK — and that embracing your brother and giving his cock a healthy hand-welcome is important in spreading love and peace throughout the Brotherhood. No man should be shunned from worship based upon size, ability (handicap), age (must be legal age of consent), ethnicity, or regional difference.

Diversity of Worship: Because we are neither Christian, Satanic, Muslim, Atheist, or Pagan, there will be diversity of worship experiences that exist around the globe. We are one united Phallic Brotherhood with the same belief that COCK is a physical manifestation of the living GOD. We all agree that there are three basic practices — masturbation, oral sex, and sodomy — taken singularly or in combinations.