A Prayer to the Living Phallus of Priapus




Z.Prayer Living Phallus

I am here again to kneel before you and pay homage to your living phallus. I humbly beg to kiss, caress and suck the holy penis that proudly graces your virile loins. I’m here to breathe the heady aroma of your seed bearing testicles, so plump and full of life. Nourish me with your sacred semen. Fill my mouth with your nectar of vigorous sperm that I may be blessed with a fountain of divine sustenance. As I worship your cock of magnificence, I pray you accept the masculine juices that seep from my own penis, so swollen with joy, as visual evidence of my devotion. I am my master’s servant. I serve the phallus. I serve Priapus. And so it will be, always. NEMA!


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