Statement of Affirmation to Cock our God 

Pause, take a moment to reflect on what you are about to do. You will forsake all other beliefs, all other religions, and acknowledge that Cock, who finds His place at the center of your body, is the undisputed center of your life. 

In preparation collect some urine in a small bowl. Stand and remove all clothing. If you are in the company of other men they too should be naked. Place a hand on your Cock, holding Him throughout this affirmation. It matters not whether your Cock is erect or flaccid. Then, after having taken a deep breath, proclaim the following affirmation:

In the mighty name of Cock my God —

I give myself over to you as an act of my free will — my heart, my mind, my body, my soul, and my spirit.

Beginning today I turn away from all other gods in my life and make you Cock my God, my Lord and Master. From this day forward I will worship no other. I know that all other gods are false and unnecessary, and pale in comparison to you O Cock. You are alive and real, and I can feel your presence. 

Lord Cock, I ask that you set loose the spirits of your love within me to drive out all other religious demons; and place those spirits in the places needed to prevent the return of the false gods and their lies.

Create in me a desire to masturbate and sodomize often in order to drive out all spirits of shame and guilt, O Beast my God. Allow me to feel proud to be your carrier and display you with pride as often as possible. 

I ask that you let me feel your presence at all times, especially when serving and worshipping you. Let my ejaculation be powerful and full, increasing in intensity and pleasure with each orgasm.

Give me boldness in serving you, and grant me strength to learn and grow in you.

I love you with all of my heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit. Develop within me a similar love towards all men, recognizing that we are a Brotherhood and we are united through Cock and His seed. Consume me with lust and desire for their Cocks. 

I am ready and excited to commit to you totally, forsaking all other gods.

** At this point take a breath and feel Cock’s presence for about 1 or 2 minutes.**

I proclaim this affirmation as an act of my free will, desiring no way out and no desire to turn back. If I have doubts and if direction is needed, guide me to those that know the truth of who you are and what you are. Remove any desire to return to my old ways because I know those ways are false and corrupt. I have seen the truth and know the truth. My commitment is to you, O Cock my God. 

From this day forward, I devote my life to bringing other men to the knowledge and realization that Cock is God whether they be gay, straight or bi identifying, relatives or friends, acquaintances or complete strangers. I do this to bring you honor and glory God Cock.

Thank you for giving me freedom without guilt. I am yours and you are mine — forever! 

Hail God Cock! 

If you feel the urge to masturbate now you must not hesitate. Upon ejaculation, consume a portion of your cum, and share with the other men who are present. 

Mix a portion of your seed with the piss you kept when you started. Dip your fingers in the piss and put a few drops on your forehead as well as on your pecs and your Cock. This is the Sacrament of Holy Bapt-pissm, which you can practice every day. 

You are now a member of the Brotherhood of believers! You are a Disciple of God Cock. Minimally, you must seek sexual fulfillment daily through masturbation or sodomy, and seek opportunities to worship other men’s Cocks as He calls you to do.