Sodomy and Love

Sodomy as a Loving, Bonding Sacrament between Men

February the 14th. Amidst the commercial, cheesy and sugary, but often pleasant, funny and enjoyable expressions of love and friendship, I conclude we only display before others what Society deems acceptable. It is behind closed doors where we dare to voice our deepest, most intimate selves.

Freedom found, at last, in the confines of a room; a mirrored space where we face our bodies, both their beauty and their imperfections, both our confidence and our fear; our untamed fantasies, our hidden desires and, perhaps, most importantly, our need to commune with others and indulge our sexual selves.

For our sexuality is not a mere addition to our personality; it is the foundational framework of the personality that defines every other aspect of it.

As we abandon ourselves to our primeval Lust, by the grace and trust of our relationship with the Other, we naturally close our eyes as we drift within. In the space between all, we become vulnerable, yet one with the Universe, we come before our naked and sacred soul.

We come before ourselves…

…and our Humanity.

It is beautiful beyond words.

Men celebrating their Masculinity, at the most intimate level. Love between Men truly is an act of manhood, an act of fraternity. If this is so, then Sodomy has got to be the ultimate bonding sacrament between Men, between Brothers.

Along the spectrum of all stereotypes and identities, the Brother who would receive the Sodomic Sacrament spreads His legs like a blossoming orchid opens herself before the Sun’s first light, and begs the Man before Him, His Priest, to fill Him, to sate Him, to Honor the Spiritual Covenant. The Priest, the Deliverer, is bound to oblige, for, driven by a similar Lust, His desire, and nature, is to express and reinforce His Masculinity over His receptive Brother by imparting what He desires before all.

It might seem as Masculinity is about taking, but I believe it is the other way around:

Masculinity is, primarily, about giving.

And that is what We Men do during Sodomy: We deliver Power, Pleasure, Energy; We inject our very Lifeforce by wielding and thrusting our Glorious Penises deep into Ourselves! We offer Ourselves in loving and submissive Worship as a Chalice for the Glory of the Divine Masculine, Who We adore and seek to please and to commune with.

Behold the mystery of the Sodomic Sacrament:

The Man You penetrate truly is YOU at a higher level of awareness. Likewise, the Man Who penetrates You, is YOU as well, because The Source truly is ONE and undivided.

…thus You BOTH are GOD.

You are both SPARKS of the DIVINE MASCULINE.

It is in this realization that we begin to understand Sodomy can be embraced as a Ritual, as a Sacrament between Men by which Energy can be exchanged between them. Even at its most animal, at its lewdest, Sodomy, when consensual and respectful of each other’s Spiritual Selves, too is an act of love, for it is the enactment, expression and satisfaction of desires that too originate within the Source, for the Source encompasses and sustains everything that is.

While the word sodomy conjures gruesome mental images of raining fire, of pillars of salt, of eternal damnation, of filth and perversion, we know beauty and ugliness are in the eye of the beholder. The quest to establish universal scales and codes of “Truth” and “Beauty” is doomed to fail from its very beginning, for the only major Truth there is, is the hermetic principle that everything is part of the Source and the Source is in everything.

As Children of the Source, ever do we seek to express, explore and celebrate ourselves!

Hermeticism teaches that everything expresses along a spectrum of polar opposites, which are not exactly two distinct features, but grades of a single quality. Cold and heat, for instance, are but degrees of the energy parameter we call heat. Sodomic desire manifests along a spectrum of receptiveness-assertiveness, thus there is power in the recognition and acceptance of the direction we tend to lean to. Still, one of patriarchy’s greatest flaws is the idea that the male/assertive pole is superior to the female/receptive one. However, since BOTH are part of the WHOLE, and BOTH polarities exist within each of us, we know this to be a terrible mistake that has brought much suffering to BOTH men and women. In sexual expression, our roles are not necessarily fixed, for human sexuality is fluid. As a versatile that leans towards sweet, slutty submission, it never ceases to amaze how much I can enjoy penetrating another Man as I whisper in His ears:

You are mine now.

Those of Us who love uninhibited, unbridled anal sex are Sodomic Revelers who take great pride and delight in the lascivious indulgence of the Flesh. We defeat the poisons of guilt and shame and merrily offer ourselves to the satisfaction of our primal, animal desire to copulate not for reproduction, but for the pleasure we draw from Sodomy itself.

There is hardly a more masculine act.

The uninitiated looks at the picture above and grimaces in disgust and disapproval.

The Sodomic Cock Worshiper, in turn, grins, nods and approves. Where others see ugliness, abomination and sin, He sees the beauty, harmony and benediction of two brave and honest Men celebrating Masculinity and getting from each other exactly what they crave, what they need.

The Matrix hates Sodomy, as well as all other acts of Homosexual Male Love, because it brings us Men together, and that is detrimental to the agenda of separation, manipulation and control.

Listen not to those who are too eager to prescribe how you should, or must live your life. Listen instead to the voice that invites you to hold your buddy in your arms and admire the miracle that He is.

For Men, there can be no romance without sex. Partake of Sacred Sodomy with unbridled Lust and gratitude. Tell your partner how beautiful He is, how much you love to fuck Him, how much you love to be fucked by Him, how much you love His Cock.

Never take your sexual partner for granted.

Honor Him. Respect Him. Worship the God in Him.

God is not an external entity from which you are separated, disconnected.

He is literally sitting within you, for you are a part of Him.

From my October 2017 essay called The God Who Loves You:

“He knows you better than anyone because He is You. He is not there spying on You to make a list of all Your “sins” and “good deeds” to punish You or reward You in an extraterrestrial heaven or hell.

Behold THIS World, the Paradise created for the celebration of life, of pleasure, the world Patriarchy has raped and laid to waste, the world they are destroying with our complicity.

Every act of rebelliousness, like Sodomy, is a way to say “Fuck You” to their institutions and lies.

Cock knows you better because He is the MALE and the HOMOSEXUAL SEX DRIVE in YOU.

He knows when You need tender love-making…

…and He knows when You need to be pinned against a surface and literally have the shit fucked out of You.

He understands Your Needs; He celebrates them and wants to satisfy them.

Between consenting Men, they are all acts of love.”

Twice Blessed

Verses of Gratitude to the God Cock

On the evening of January 17, 2019, two Men of a exceptional virility, took turns to give me one of the most memorable fuckings of my entire life. These verses express my lust and my gratitude to these dominant, alpha Brothers; may the God Cock bless their generous hearts and grant them with many years of admirable, rock-hard, awe-inspiring, precum-leaking erections that they and the submissive Brothers they fuck may experience countless nights of uninhibited and lascivious male pleasure and communion in Cock.

One eve past,

Cloaked in dusk and dying light,

At the Altar of Eternal lust,

Cock, my God, blessed me twice.

Faithful, masculine, mysterious rites,

Bound in power and pain and pleasure,

As my knee bent in obedience,

Cock, my Lord, owned me twice.


Every pilgrim eventually finds

Whatever it is his heart desires.


One eve past,


Who had crossed the valley,

sailed the seas,

and braved perilous forests and sands;


Who had flown over the Pyrenees,

and the Altai,

and the Rockies,

and the Atlas;

Looking for God in every shrine,

Visiting temples and Holy Sites;

Found redemption, at last,

at the Altar between His thighs.

Hefty, stout, unyielding,

A stern, life-giving master who takes what He wants.

“Such is Your magnificence,

Such is Your splendor,”

I sang,

“Deliver me, Priapus, Pan;

Sirius, Sikandar Basileus, Adonai.”


He of the precious staff,

speaks not like clamorous thunder

for all to hear, for all to bide;

He speaks to You and You alone.

A deep, bass whispering rumble,

Blowing from the depths of a mountain shaft.


“What is it that you offer,

before your Liege, my Boy, my Child?”


My heart beating ferociously,

I slowly disrobed before His hungry sight.

“I offer myself, my Sire.”


O I am in love with his wicked, condescending smile!

I grovel before Him,

I grovel before the edifice of His growing, towering presence.

“In body, mind, and soul, you are Mine.”


He gropes my worshiping holes

with shameless indecency:


“It is with this, you shall now part.”


One eve past,

His throbbing flesh gaping my mouth,

His inebriating musk flooding my nostrils,

Cock, my God, made me gag.


“Take it,

O my Whore of a Son,

Take it good,

Take it right.”


Grinning with gusto,

Using me with delight,

Cock, my God, blessed me twice.

“Worship Me,

Worship the Cock that made you

with mouth open wide.”


He stuffed me His meat,

Tears slid from my eyes,

Cock, my God, blessed me twice.


One eve past,

As I lied spread on the sacrificial slab

The deliverance I craved so bad,

Cock, my God, decided to impart.


“Take this Big Cock,

O sweet, fucking slut,

Take it, My Boy!

Take it like a Man!”

He fucked me to the hilt,

Making me whimper, moan and sigh.

Cock, my God, blessed me twice.


“Surrender to Me,

Surrender to the Cock that is fucking you,

To the Cock that gave and gives you life.”


“Surrender to Me,

Surrender to the Living God sodomizing you,

To the Cock that enraptures your Heart.”

“Surrender to Me,

Surrender to the Flesh of Man impaling you,

To the Cock that teaches you both humility and pride.”


“Surrender to Me,

Surrender to the Mighty Hammer forging you anew,

To the Cock that is both Fire and Light.”


One eve past,

I married my Groom,

And I was His.

And He was Mine.

At the Altar of Eternal Lust.

Cock, my God, blessed me twice.

The Triumph of the God Cock

May 2019 be the year you defeat Shame

Ever-beautiful Donny Wright proudly displaying his Cock for all who worship Him!

Last Saturday, December 30th, 2018, I went to the Bathhouse to celebrate the end of the year by worshiping Cock, my God. A receptive homosexual by nature, I longed for the Lord to bless my hole and inject a blast of sheer, empowering virility into me. Other Men, knowingly or unknowingly, had also gathered for the last Cock Rites of the year. Men were so hungry for the God Cock that night… their hunger was astonishing to witness, amusing even. My Dick surprisingly ended up deep up the ass of three other Men, rather than the other way around.

They wanted Cock so bad, I had to oblige!

In Sacred Sodomy, I will always prefer to bottom; it is what comes more naturally to me. However, nobody needs to explain to me how fucking good it feels to subdue a fellow Man with your Penis for I know it from first-hand experience. From time to time, I do love a fellow slut begging for more of my Dick as I dominate Him sexually and verbally.

The third Man I played with, a chap from Colombia, was a Pig, just like myself, but sluttier! Pigs make an instant connection. You can tell a fellow Pig by something in their eyes, their lewd demeanor, their scent, their enthusiastic vocalizing, their fiery hunger, their lack of shame and their love for kinks. Pigs happily allow for the animal to take charge and are more concerned with sharing and indulging their primal lust than passing judgment on people and their looks.

Two pigs together go wild, like weasels in heat.

Oh, my fellow Pig of a Brother, if only you could read this note… Thank you for the best sex I had in the entire year!!!

Now to the reason why I am sharing this anecdote. My Brother and I had been fucking, rimming, fingering etc. in a rather public, common space within the bathhouse. At the beginning I was quite conscious and uncomfortable about people watching us, but I eventually got so aroused I did not pay mind to anything or anyone other than my Lover. When we took a break, people who had either heard us (I had been quite verbal), or seen us, looked at me funny…

Was it disgust? Was it admiration? Was it envy? Was it bewilderment? Was it arousal? Was it curiosity? Was it disapproval? I did not care to find out, but they would not stop staring at me. As I walked with my semi-erect Penis (I hadn’t come yet and we would fuck some more later), my aura was tingling with satisfaction, pride, joy and radiant, sexual energy.

I do not necessarily endorse any of the play my Brother and I partook of, except for one: the defeat of shame.

Society has conditioned you to hate yourself because you masturbate, because you love men, because you are not “man enough,” because your Cock is average or small in size, because your body does not match a canon, because you speak funny, because you have fetishes and other “perversions,” because you fuck men, or because you love to be fucked by them, because you are wicked, sinful, dirty. You have been taught to hate yourself even within our various marginalized subcultures, because you are different, because you disagree in political issues, because you like sex too much or too little, because you only bottom or because you only top, because you are a bear or because you are twink, because you are effeminate, because you like BDSM, because you are solosexual, because you are bisexual, because you sometimes like to bareback, because you will not settle with just one partner or because you prefer just one sexual partner, because you are not dashingly funny, because you do not look a certain way, because you are rough around the edges, etc.

Because you won’t conform to somebody’s standards.

The last three years I have been working on the internalized shame of my sexuality. I have so many Men, so many Brothers, to thank for their aiding me, directly or indirectly, in finding myself. Brothers who held and embraced me in their arms. Brothers who knelt before me and worshiped my Penis. Brothers who taught me the art of male touch. Brothers who spread my legs and mercilessly shoved their Cocks into my hungry asshole. Brothers that showed me there are many other Pigs like myself who absolutely love me for what I am. Brothers who listened to me when I needed it the most. Brothers that gave me a hand when I needed it the most. Brothers who created wonderful erotic art. Brothers who created lewd pornography and music. Brothers who inspired my creation of lascivious audio files. Brothers who revealed to me masturbation as a sacred right and practice. Brothers who taught me being a slut is a gift. Brothers who taught me of Male and Cock Worship and welcomed me into their community…

Brothers that taught me Cock is God, and God is Cock.

I still have a long way to go down my unique, individual path. Nevertheless, my Brother, may 2019 be the year you too defeat shame.

Beyond fear, beyond false morals, when Love, Honesty, Respect and Acceptance of Ourselves and The Other are held in the highest regard, Lust too is revealed as an aspect of the Divine. Wield the Celebration of Cock Lust and its boundless Pleasure as a Flame to consume the shame that has kept you from being Yourself.

“Allow yourself to be yourself.” Thank you, Matthew Mason!

Dare to be Yourself!

To a Cock-blessed 2019!

Hail the God Cock!

Between Shadow and Light

Personal reflections on lust towards the end of the year

This year was just as tough as I foretold, although I have no powers of soothsaying. Close people we loved, good people, kind people; some of them are no longer with us. The various forces within this paradigm of power and control continue their stranglehold on Humanity, draining societies of the unprecedented, enormous wealth we collectively produce while feeding us an illusion of scarcity, deprivation and desperation that pits us against each other. They poison the soil, the water, the air, the very food we eat. They flood us with an endless, inane dog and pony show of duality, entertainment, political turmoil, fraud, illegal wars and false morals.

But the Human Spirit is stubborn, luminous, sovereign, unbroken, undivided.

This is the darkest hour before dawn.

Humanity is waking up from the spell, and they cannot stop it.

Our Brotherhood reborn is just one example. Rather than raising arms against our Brother, for the benefit of twisted Men whose psychopathic ambition is to own the entire Planet and control us all, we are the Stock of Men that prefers to make love to each other. In the nakedness of the flesh, we bond in Penis, the essence of our common manhood. Hatred and shame have no place among us; they are defeated as lust and love are crowned.

We are reshaping reality with every stroke of the glorious God Head, with every thrust into our Brothers’ worshiping chalices.

Primordial Eros comes before every other god, specially Chronos-Cronus-Saturn, the Architect of this Reality, one out of countless other ones. We choose to dwell in the Temple of Unconditional Love, for Love is, after all, the source and energy that both sustains and manifests everything that is.

Our Phallic Lust is one of the gifts of the Divine Masculine, who we worship.

Often has this Lust been deemed dirty, evil, impure, egotistic, narcissistic.

Talk about spiritual, emotional and sexual sabotage, of blackmail and alienation! Without sexual desire, life as we know it ceases to exist on Earth. And yet, sexuality goes so much farther. Humans are not at all the only species that engages in sexual play with purposes other than reproduction.

Oh, my Brother… if you could join me as I write this note, if you could watch me edge my sweet and savory Cock, my rod glistening with oil, irradiating, broadcasting a signal of lust and bliss across space, sharing in my room, warm with my heat and my musk. I would teach you Lust must necessarily be born out of a desire for selfish satisfaction, so it can then be shared as a desire to satisfy others.

To bring pleasure to my Penis is to bring pleasure to my entire Universe!

My Cock is average in size, but those who have sought to worship Him, know Him to be a generous Lord. Since I am mostly drawn to submissive homosexuality, I understand that the satisfaction of my Alpha and his Glorious Cock is what leads to the satisfaction of my desire.

My personal belief is that selfless martyrdom is not the Way of Cock, at least not my
way. The satisfaction must be mutual. Pain, of course, has its place in our body of practices, and many of us actively seek various degrees of sadomasochistic pain in our sexual play. However, I believe pleasure to be both our rudder and the ultimate goal. Those of us who add components of pain, domination, submission, etc. to that goal know that they highlight and contrast that pleasure we seek and satisfy a number of desires that we often are too embarrassed to share.

Believe me, your Brother-in-lust understands you better than anyone…

You must seek that what satisfies your desire first.

When Brothers then get together, that which was “dark” and selfish becomes luminous and communal.

Witness the gratitude in your fellow Bator’s eyes. The sharing of your Holy Masturbation allows for a deep bond to be established between you.

Witness the bliss your devoted sucking of His Cock brings Him. When He closes his eyes, and sighs and moans, you know you are doing your job right. Worship at the fountain of His Power that you may be nourished and replenished.

Witness the ecstasy your vigorous fucking brings your Brother. Hear Him sing to the rhythm dictated by your Penis. As you inject your male energy into Him, savor the Hole He has so eagerly offered for your enjoyment, for your pleasure!

Both of you are servicing the other…

Both of you are worshiping each other!

May the coming year bring you plenitude, awareness, fulfillment, joy, health and success in your endeavors. May the Divine Masculine pour His life-giving energies upon you, bestow you focus, virility and power, ignite your desire and manifest with plenty of opportunities to worship Him in solitude and in Brotherhood!

Hail Cock!

Heaven at your Hands

Adopting a state of Phallic celebration

Every encounter with COCK is an occasion of great joy.

Whether you are by yourself or in the merry company of your Fellow Brothers, engaging in sacred, meditative Masturbation or partaking of glorious, sodomic Communion, embrace Holy Phallus as a giver of light, warmth and happiness.

The sheer pleasure you take from your service to The Lord Penis is your Divine Right as a Man, as His Son. As a fractal of God, you carry Him within you. He is You. You are He.

Slightly over a year ago I wrote on my Cock is God blog:

“Many have spent their entire lives seeking God, attempting to understand God. Wandering wanderers, they reach outside. They climb lofty, holy mountains and descend into dusty, lifeless tombs. They seek, but they cannot find, for what they so fervently look for, from the moment they are born until they die, peacefully and timelessly sits inside.”

God literally dwells within your hand’s reach.

At the Center, at the Root of your Manhood, He awaits.

Just like the virile Bull squirts half a billion sperm, the Divine Masculine, our Father, manifests itself by giving birth to countless children. We, the Sons He fucked and ejaculated into existence are called to return to the Source. The entire journey of the Hero, is but a metaphor of His return to the Root.

To acknowledge His presence, go within. Come to the Center.

His Gifts are Yours to savor.

To indulge the God Cock is to indulge Yourself.

Heaven is not a place you go to, my Brother.

Heaven is a State of Consciousness.

Be done with the deceit of organized religions and their institutions of psychopathic control:

You do not need to earn what is already yours.

Heaven is the natural state of ecstatic interconnection with all things. Under the rules of reality on this Planet, we voluntarily agree to play the game of illusory separation by which it seems we are disconnected from each other, from living things, from the elements, hence we suffer. However…

Separation is, once again, an illusion from which all negativity originates.

Cock is, by spiritual design, the Tool to undo the Void.

Cock Fills, Penetrates, Injects, Creates, Impregnates, Sates, Revives, Renews, Delivers, Electrifies, Energizes, Transforms, Enlivens, Animates, Enraptures, Empowers, Imparts, Fathers, Heals, Soothes, Teaches, Feeds, Captivates, Liberates, Uplifts, Inspires.

To deem Cock anything but good, magnificent, handsome, magical, divine, is to fall prey to the ongoing short-circuiting of Humanity, to the manipulations of those who want to make you believe you are inherently evil.

If you choose to believe that, the outside world will be as a reflection of your illusory, inner turmoil.

If you choose to believe the opposite, the outside world will be as reflection of your inner goodness.

Celebrate Manhood! Celebrate Penis! Celebrate Yourself!

Cock and all His Gifts, are YOURS to take. To share!


Hail Cock!

The Manstink Redemption

Give me that sexy, ripe male funk anytime!

Retrieved from

There was a time when Men were not afraid to be Men.

There was a time when Men acted like Men; when Men spoke like Men, played like Men, looked like Men and smelled like Men.

It is not my intention to prescribe what Masculinity should be like; I simply affirm the right to be yourself. At a time when people are reclaiming the primordial, natural and unalienable right to be themselves, we must emancipate from rigid, vertical and monolithic lists of thou shall and thou shall not’s in order to find our own voice.

Some of us Men are naturally drawn to #manstink, and the Brotherhood of Cock welcomes us with open arms, for we respect and celebrate consensual expressions of male sexuality as positive desires originating within the Divine Masculine. I honestly do not know whether this is something you are born with or a taste you acquire as you go on. The old born or made debate is not very relevant in any case, I believe; if man stench turns you on, you are far from alone:

“LOVE the musky smell of sweaty men… balls, hole, pits… and the ripe clothes they’ve worn. I grew up sniffing my Dad’s dirty undies then moved on to others, neighbors’ dad, college roomies, etc.”

Goodguybadboyfl (2010). Retrieved from the justusboys forums.

I smile when I recall I used to think I was the only sniff freak in the world. Should I share this anecdote once again? I shall do so, if only because it arouses me so much! From my From Mouth to Ass essay on my now defunct Cock is God tumblr:

“I began to realize I was a PIG when I found out how much I loved to smell my older cousin’s dirty underwear.


As a pre-teen back in the early days when internet penetration was minimal and I hadn’t even dreamed porn would become so abundant and available, one day, when nobody was home, I found myself digging through his laundry basket, picking up the funkiest piece of underwear, and inhaling the rank, manly, teenager odors on it like it was the most natural, spontaneous thing to do.”

I imagine myself, now an adult, going back in time to guide, comfort and reassure my younger self, so full of guilt and shame; to remind him there is nothing to fear, nothing to forgive when partaking of the holy sacrament of embracing yourself.

You need no one’s permission to be yourself.

That morning, all alone with myself, with the Universe, I had one of the most profound encounters with the Divine Masculine. Unbeknownst to me, I worshiped Him for the first time then. I fell on my knees as I held the Golden Fleece of His stinky underwear, a forbidden fruit ripe with His Musk. The briefs, I now realize, were not my cousin’s…

…they were God’s.

My heart beat ferociously as I brought His savory, overwhelming stench to my face. It would still take years for me to stop resisting Cock, to defeat poisonous guilt, to happily embrace who I was meant to become, who I wanted to become, but at that time of reality-shattering epiphany, deep inside, I understood it all.

With ego humiliated by the insurmountable power of a lust I had never experienced, I groveled as the concentrated #manstink flooded my nostrils, my mind, my very soul. Greedily did I feast; a starving buck hungrily devouring the primeval essence of Manhood as if deprived from it for a lifetime.

I could not get enough of it.

With the perfume and ointment of Cock, of Balls, of Cheese, of Ass, of Urine, of Precum still washing over me, I realized, without the slightest hint of doubt, I had found myself.

I had found God.

Decades of negative conditioning, one before this first encounter with the Divine Masculine, and two following it, created a deep feeling of shame that I have gradually managed to overcome. Eventually, one “gives in” and embraces as much as possible from one’s spectrum of sexual expression. Not doing so greatly frustrates, sours, and twists Men’s psyche and emotional body.

At Temple Priapus, we understand the process of healing from so much toxicity and negativity towards one sexuality can be a lengthy one, but one that can be better engaged when one counts with help and encouragement from loving Brothers.

We men tend to be pragmatic by nature, so after some rationalization and expression of your feelings, brotherly counseling and intervention will focus on plenty of encounters with the object(s) of your desires. If you too love #manstink, know that there are many Brothers out there who share the same lust; no one understands you better. With arms wide open, they await your return to the fold. Long have you been on a pilgrimage. Come forth and rest in the promised land of your Brother’s ripe pits. Find redemption in your Brother’s heavenly, thick and stinking crotch.

Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto.

I am human, and I think nothing human is alien to me.

The author, enjoying his ripe, musky armpits during a worship session.

Hail the God Cock!

The Choice For Pleasure

Phallic Sexual Fulfillment can heal us

Many traditions depict reality on Earth as one of unavoidable suffering. Take the Christian concept of the Vale of Tears, for example. Under the original sin and the weak and wicked human nature concepts, mankind has been tricked into accepting a reality of weeping and gnashing of teeth in both life and the afterlife! While I believe some suffering is definitely an undeniable component of human experience, the problem with the excessive–almost fetishist–elevation and idealization of suffering is that it turns us into helpless, masochistic, blindly complying, status quo-accepting, disempowered, victimized individuals oblivious to the fact that this reality is being created collectively by each and every of us.

At Temple Priapus we believe that joyous, responsible, consensual, guilt-free sexual fulfillment is always a healthier choice than the perverted suppression of thought and desire.

From my essay Reflections on Pleasure, Suffering and Reality:

“The repression of sexuality makes most of us sick. This is one of the reasons, I believe, why only few people manage to achieve moksha (liberation) under traditional dharmic prescribed practices. Turning our backs on the physical to pursue the spiritual usually short-circuits us, simply because we are experiencing, by choice, a physical experience.”

Gautama Buddha, taught that not getting what one wants causes suffering. Man’s primordial desire is to love and feel loved, to connect with other human beings. It is natural to reach out to the other, to bond at physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural, spiritual and sexual levels. Denying ourselves of these interactions defeats the purpose of the game of life, and smothers the soul.

tumblr_pbt1ijCYcd1uzsy6no1_400 - Copy


As an alternative to the traditional paradigms of deterministic stoicism, martyred inhibition, fear, violence, self-flagellation and control, all so firmly in place by the dominant powers that be and their hate of joy and pleasure, we propose embracing the latter two for they are better aligned with our true nature.

What comes natural to humans is not to hurt, stifle, kill, hate and destroy, but to love, connect, inquire, support, grow. When people’s most essential needs are taken care of, when their autonomy, potential and desire for self-expression are respected and nourished, the outcome is happy, emotionally-healthy, confident and creative human beings who want to make of Earth a garden, a better place for all.

By withholding and sabotaging their phallic selves, interconnection and desires, most men have been turned into potentially dangerous, emotionally and sexually frustrated individuals, angry at others, angry at the world and angry at themselves.

We believe positive Phallicism, that is, reclaiming our right to savor, indulge and share our Penises and their gifts, can help heal these wounds via the celebration of much denied pleasure and the renewal of a spirit of camaraderie, brotherhood and intimacy which the Male Mysteries foster and nurture.

The expression of our sexual selves in their rich diversity is a Divine Right. No one can take it away from us. As fractals of the Source, we carry the spark of the Divine within. We need no one’s sanction to enjoy ourselves, to be ourselves.

As long as your sexual play and worship are respectful of other people’s free will, bring harm to no one and are honest and consensual in their interaction with others, they must be cherished without shame, without guilt.

For some of us, this phallic practice might take the shape of spiritual, solosexual masturbation. For others it might mean becoming teachers at the Temple, guiding Men into these Mysteries. For some it might be the renewal of a phallic connection with Nature and the spiritual world. For some it might mean being worshiped as avatars of the God and wielding their warrior Cocks into the ritualistic placating of their Brothers’ hunger…

“I savor every inch of throbbing meat both furiously and tenderly penetrating fellow opening, welcoming masculinity, brothers bonding in lust and the compassionate understanding of each other’s needs and desires.

Sweaty, teary, smelly, raunchy, loving ecstatic agony of arching, pulsing, undulating, vibrating, convulsing fresh recreating the Universe; fucking it into existence at the spot in time and place where mine, yours, and all labels disappear, where the entire past and future, all blur into a singularity of orgasmic, orgiastic nothingness and fullness.”

Long have we chosen to hide away our sexuality in the basements and attics of our fear and shame because we were taught it was evil, dirty to the eyes of god. The divine shows you the countenance you want to see.



We invite you to choose differently.

Choose beauty, choose honesty, choose pleasure, joy and brotherhood.

Choose Men.

Choose your True Self.

Choose Cock!

Icon of Power

From my late Cock is God blog.

February 13, 2018

Icon of Power (lower res)

Several years ago, so many that the paper has yellowed somewhat, I started this IDOL of HOMOSEXUAL POWER, but, at a time when I was not ready to fully embrace the LEWDNESS of my HOMOSEXUAL DESIRES, I could not bear to look at it. It was a reminder of my ‘DEVIATION’, of my ‘FILTH’, of my ‘SINFUL WEAKNESS’. I put it away, but I never forgot it. The IDOL became ALIVE in my HEART every time I FUCKED or was FUCKED, every time I WAS FED CUM, every time I BEAT MY COCK and MADE my SEED FLY when greedily WATCHING MEN in PORNOGRAPHY.









Back in my home country, returned as a CONFIRMED and UNAPOLOGETIC DISCIPLE of COCK LUST and PLEASURE, I picked up this ICON again, completed the PEACH, the stylized BUSHY PUBES and the INSCRIPTION on the RIGHT. From the beginning it was meant to be in Chinese ideograms because I believe that, as visual symbols, they are stronger than the letters of the Latin Alphabet.

It reads:













Newcomer to the Garden of Cock

Erotic fiction and metaphors on some of the practices and beliefs of our Brotherhood

On the odyssey of my life, I, ever a seeker, entered a forest of alluring darkness. I feared not, though, for below the swirling canopy there was a scent not unlike my own. 

Roasted chestnut. Allspice. Aged Cheese. Moist soil. Rock Salt. Ale.

I did not fear because the smell made me feel like Home.

Amidst the thicket, I beheld a mighty Tower rise up; a triumphant sword against the sky.

The Tower stood tall, arrogant, proud, stout, luminous and beautiful beyond words.

“Behold the Key that undoes all locks,” a voice said. A young Man wearing nothing but copper earrings came out of the bush and knelt before the Tower.

“Behold the Iron Rod that fits and fills all spaces.” said a second, Mature Man. He walked past me, completely naked except for a silver band he wore in his ring finger. Enthralled  by the exuberance of the Tower, loudly did he say, as he knelt before it:

“Behold the Battering Ram that breaches all gates.”

A third Man wearing a gold pentacle on a chain, approached us from the Tower. and thus spoke:

 “Behold the Sceptre of Sovereignty, Writ of Heaven,  Voice of the East, All-Father, Grandfather, High Priest, Pontifex, Deliverer of those in need, Benefactor of the hungry, Consort to the Divine Feminine, Keeper of the Secret Garden of Men, Impaling Victor, King of Kings, Raider of all ports, Conqueror of the Citadel, Bane of the Proud, Pride of the Endowed, Elder Stag, Billy Goat, Prized Bull, Chieftain, Beloved Husband, Divining Rod, Lord of Sodom, Fist of God.”

“All His Sons,” he added while looking at me in the eye, “shall bend the knee before Him.”

I knew it in an instant.

I found He who I had been looking for.

My heart beat ferociously as I approached the One Who Wore the Sun. His age was indescribable; at times he seemed older, at others he looked younger.  His body pulsed with flowing vitality and intoxicating masculinity and libido. Whatever form was shown to me, it appeared to cater to my desires, to my lust past, present…

…and future.

He was the source of the sweet and savory musk.

The orchard was His.

He was the Tower.

When I came before Him, excited, captivated, I was surprised to see He looked a lot like me. Perhaps it was I who looked a lot like Him. We were alike, and yet different; He was a more perfect me, a fuller me, but he was all the Men I had loved at the same time. When He smiled at me, He had the twinkle of the first Man I had sex with, the cadence of the Man I loved the most (he would eventually break my heart), the jadedness of my high school crush, the confidence and experience of the Man who introduced me to the local leather scene.

My knees jerked and gave way, intentionally or unintentionally.

“Pray tell me,” I begged in defeat, “who are You who wield this Power over me?”

“I am,” he replied, “your Heart’s innermost desire. I am Who You seek. I am the embodiment of your truest, freest Self. I am You. I am who You choose Me to be. Fight no more. Resist no more.” At last He bid:

“Meet my gaze my Son.”


He rose. Towering. Beckoning.

And I came to His Fold with newfound purpose. Before my baptism I had just sucked Cock. Having found God, from then on I served Men, I served Penis, my own and my Brothers’. I worshiped Him with passion, with unflinching devotion and an elated heart. I allowed Cock to inebriate my senses and vanquish any hint of doubt. I worship the God who truly loves me, a God that cannot tell lies.

I worshiped him until tears of joy and gratitude rolled down my cheeks.

“To please Your God, is to please Yourself,” He said when feeding me the Seed of Man.

“To Worship Your God is to Worship creation itself.”


“You have learned of the Self. Now you shall learn of the Other.” He motioned me to stand and brought my attention towards the Young Man with the copper earrings kneeling on my left.

“You must learn of Brotherhood.”

“This Man is Your Son, Your Nephew, Your Grandson, Your Younger Brother, Your Slut…

…your Boy.”

Looking at Him, he appeared to me as the most beautiful flirt I had laid eyes upon. So young, so sweet, so soft, so fresh to pick. While I was wildly aroused, Boy looked so young I could not tell for sure whether he was of age. I felt embarrassed that I was so turned on by his youth.

“Do not be ashamed of your hesitation, my Son,” the Pentacled Man said, “for our Brotherhood is not without ethical guidelines.

Our Brotherhood is based on Love. As such, loving consent is cardinal to our practice. We believe only adults can make informed choices about partaking of the Male Mysteries.

“This one,” said The Golden One while walking towards the Boy and rubbing the Mighty Member on his beaming face, “is legal in at least 50 American States, 50 sovereign European countries, 20 Latin American países, 54 African Nations; you get the drift.”

“Boy might be young, but He is your Senior in the Brotherhood. I personally saw to his initiation. Like all my Submissive Children, He is a Whore for Cock, and He loves it.” My Mentor said all this while fondling the Young Man’s Hair and shoving his hairy balls onto Him.

“It upsets you that I speak so shamelessly and lasciviously about our Fellow Brother in His Presence, because there are many layers to your sexuality that have been repressed and suppressed for years. “

“Look at Him.”

“He too is You. He too is God.”

“Brotherhood is about compassion; it is about the understanding and celebration of each other’s desires.”

“Will you not share of yourself with your Younger Brother?”

“We all have roles to play within the Hierarchy of the Brotherhood,” He continued. “The Alpha’s main role is to sodomize Submissives into rapture by injecting God’s Virile Energy into the chalice of their Lust, and thus, into the World.”

I gave it to Him.

At first I felt uncomfortable with the Priest of God’s lewd “encouragement.”

“Teach Him.” “Tame Him.” “Fuck Him.” He would utter every so often with wanton abandon.

However, at times it felt as if the words were coming out of my own mouth. 

And Boy loved it.

And I loved it.


“You have learned of Alphahood. Now you shall learn of its Twin.” He motioned me to stand and brought my attention towards the Mature Man with the silver ring kneeling on my right.

“You must now learn of Submission.”

“This Man is Your Father, Your Uncle, Your Grandfather, Your Elder Brother, Your ‘Daddy’…

This Man is your Alpha.”

“Be it because of their size, their handsomeness, their endowment, their assertiveness, their deep, commanding voice; their sexual prowess, their charisma, their experience, their finesse, their discretion, their success in life, their emotional intelligence, their wits, their solid values, their independence, their strong will and determination, or any combination of the above, these men exude confidence and masculinity.”

“They are Alphas, natural Leaders, Protectors, Managers, Monarchs, Patriarchs; they are worshiped both within and outside our Brotherhood, for they teach others how to be Men.”

“This Evening you will learn of the joy that comes from sexually submitting to them.”

Something astonishing then happened. The Mature Man on the right stood up and my Guide, the Man with the Pentacle Necklace that had revealed the Face of God to me, knelt and took the former’s place! While the Young Man with the copper earrings grinned wickedly at me, I looked at the Priest of God; He no longer looked otherworldly and his form did not seem to change and shift like earlier before.

The Mature Man came to me. He was actually shorter than I was, but bulkier and in much better shape. His hair was lined with silver and his chest was full of fur all the way down to a magnificent low-hanger.

I could not take my eyes away from It.

“Unlike our High Priest, I am not too good with words. You fucked my Boy here real good… made me horny as hell to watch you two. Are you ready to take the same treatment?”

“What?” I blurted. It was not that I did not like to get fucked, I mean, technically I was still versatile. However I shuddered at the thought of this Bull sodomizing and doing to me the same nasty things I did to the Boy while He and The Priest watched us. Furthermore, I had not been fucked in quite a while, I feared I would not be able to take the Bull’s Big Cock!

Rather than jumping at my ass like I did with Boy, Mature Man acted like time did not matter. He slid his hands around my waist and, grabbing my back, he pulled me towards him. When my chest touched his, I felt a jolt in my nips that made them become unbelievably hard. In vain, my eyes tried to shy away.

“Look at me,” He commanded.

Without question I nervously obeyed.

He kind of looked like me. Or perhaps it was I who looked like Him.

With strong and steady hand He gently pulled my head and kissed me like no one had kissed me before. He kissed me deep, he kissed me slow. He kissed me passionately, affectionately. It felt so good it almost hurt. He put his arms around me and holding me in a warm embrace, He said:

“I love You, My Brother.”

I was moved to tears yet again. He held me tighter.

“That is alright,” He added while caressing my head. Then He whispered:

“Get on your all fours.”

I did what I was told.


Entry was not easy.

“Fight Him not,” admonished the Priest of God from the back. “Resist Him not.”

Mature Man gave me all the time I needed.

I eventually gave completely in.

The Alpha conquered me the way He had kissed me. Slowly did the Warrior subdue and invade my city. Deeply did He thrust, reaching alleys and cellars whose existence not even I was aware of. When I was completely at His Mercy, the Priest’s Voice resounded again:

“Tonight you are to be destroyed and forged anew. It is written:

‘Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.'”

“Aeneas, Ganymede,” said the Hierophant, “show the initiate the Might and Radiance of our God. Have your way with Him. Do not hold back. Leave no crevice, no corner, no chamber unfulfilled. Shatter any remaining barrier. Silence his Ego.”

“Fill Him to the brim with Cock.”

“Yes, Alexandros,” the Alpha and the Boy replied in unison.

I dived into a whirlpool, a maelstrom of sheer, unbridled homosexual lust. Old and young took turns at sodomizing not just my anus and mouth, but my ears, my heart, my mind. They flooded my soul with poetry, liturgy and obscenity…

…and I could not have enough of it.

“You hereby, in Body, Soul and Mind, belong to Him,” said the High Priest.

“You now belong to Cock.”


From that day on, my name is Diogenes, shibuishi-wearing mystic, philosopher, onanist, libertine and proud acolyte of the God Cock.

Free, at last, from the shackles of my conditioning, guilt, and shame, I am finally able to truly choose who I want to be.

I choose Myself.

I choose Man.

I choose Cock!


Dedicated with love and gratitude to all the Men of the Brotherhood.

Phallic Perspectives on the Winter Solstice

The Resurrection of the Sun


Winter solstice is the longest night of the year, when the sun is symbolically killed, defeated. It is typically on the 21st of December. Following the three days after the solstice, the sun appears to stand still, apparently motionless at its lowest point above the horizon, but on the 25th of December it begins to slowly move up in the sky.

The sun has, then, “resurrected,” although its crowning glory does not take place until the spring equinox when days finally become longer than nights.

Pay no heed to false metaphors such as “father winter.” Winter is feminine in character, a season of repose, cold and slowing of time. The light and fire of god, on the other hand, are masculine in character, piercing and expanding in its abundant life energies.

In the pagan world, people understood these are cycles of the natural world, they required no salvation, expected no savior and hoped for no future reward or heavenly afterlife. This time of the year had nothing to do with the abrahamic cult of a messiah that would grant a “chosen” people dominion over the whole planet.

Earth-nature-was seen as the body of the living goddess gaia-sophia, and the sun, as the body of the living god; bodies we were (are) part of.

In the journey of the hero myth, winter solstice represents the death of the hero, his descent to the underworld and his resurrection after a given period of time-three days in astrological time.


We males are playful by nature and Xmas is typically a time of great joy. For us cock worshipers, the occasion of the winter solstice and December 25th are perfect events to remember and worship the phallic and solar nature of our god: cock!


Tall, broad, heavy and erect he rises. We worship him as the phallus proudly hanging between the legs of all males, deity or human. He is the will to express and deliver power, pleasure, beauty and life.

All knees shall bend before the incestuous presence of he who unlocks all gates and fills all spaces, of he who freely and magnanimously gives of himself to feed his hungry children, all of whom he has fathered.

He, the embodiment of masculinity and virility is our king and high priest; our lover, our teacher, our master.


Let us prepare for his resurrection, the time when he will triumphantly rise to marry and impregnate the world once again.

Let us prepare by celebrating the flesh and the ties that bind us, brothers-in-lust-and-cock.

Offer your mouth in loving and respectful adoration of your lord. Offer your mouth that your tongue and nose might taste his scent and juices. From the position of your humbled deference, offer your mouth that he may feed you a nectar that will make you even thirstier for him.


Offer your asshole in lewd and submissive adoration of your father. Just as the sun is “crucified” for three days, offer your asshole in lascivious darkness to be impaled by the godcock. Vulnerable and exposed, offer your asshole so you can be sodomized and turned into his whore…


Offer your asshole that he might destroy your whining and deluded ego; your pretense to master and lord creation he shall crush as he rules, dominates, conquers and owns you instead.

Offer your asshole that he may fuck the pride and arrogance out of you and teach you gratitude, fullness, brotherhood, and true bliss.


Offer your body as the most perfect temple of God. Offer your body for other brothers to worship, to behold opulent, masculine magnificence and renewed, aesthetic fulfillment.


This is your god.

Get on your knees and worship him like the devoted faggot you are.

Fight him not.

Resist him not.


This feast of winter, let your ego die as well.

Embrace your nature.

Embrace yourself.

Embrace your heart’s desire.


Don the gay mantles of the homosexual, the faggot, the cocksucker, the pervert, the invert, the bent, the queer, the deviant, the sodomite, the twink, the bear, the pig, the daddy, the son, the top, the bottom, the versatile, the bator, the bugger, the fairy, the fruit, the queen, the pansy, the jock, the hunk, the stud, the master, the slave, the slut, the whore, the alpha, the beta…

Don them all with pride!

This is who you both are and chose to be.

It is your divine right to be yourself.


Like a bow fully drawn, the male animal accumulates sexual power until the built-up energy longs to be released. In this eve of resurrection, let your penis be the straight shaft that will fly and light your way; use this energy to create and transform your reality.

Use it to become who you want to become.

Focus, draw, aim and shoot into the stars.


It matters little whether your place is on your knees, between your brother’s legs…


… or proudly standing above them as the macho worthy of worship.


This is the song of the horned god as the sun-cock rises.

He has no other purpose but the celebration, exploration and enjoyment of himself.

I am you. You are him. He is me.

We are one in him!


Hail cock!