— by Brother Brian (Justin07663 on https://www.recon.com)

Envisioning an altar piece for the temple — a wooden chair with various straps and hardware. As the brothers are seated in the pews in the congregation a man is escorted onto the altar wearing loose light robes. It is obvious that he is nude beneath the robe that is tied closed. Once centered in front of the congregation with the chair behind him the escorts untie the robe. It gently parts revealing a vertical length of naked flesh from torso down the leg yet still not exposing the God between his legs craving to be revealed to all present. The chorus of prayers emanating from the brothers present is indecipherable.

The escorts remove the robe and the cock is presented. A rise in chorus increases as the chosen one is gently seated on the dark wooden chair. Slowly and methodically each strap is fastened on each appendage: ankle, calf, thigh, wrist, upper arm, torso, head and then a light gauze hood is draped over his head. A deep bell tolls. The crank on the side of the chair slowly moves under the power of the escort causing the knees of the chosen one to slowly open. The bell continues to roll and the legs further spread wide exposing more fully the cock god while allowing the pendulous balls to dangle off the bench beneath the buttocks.

Once the chair is opened to the maximum position causing the chosen to be as spread eagle as possible the congregation of brother slowly emerge from the pews in a single file line to approach the god Cock, place a gentle kiss on the head, fondle its shaft knowing that the soft moans from the host are the pleasures made vocal by your god.

My daily prayer

Submitted by Reverend Tom Reynolds

Strip your mortal clothes from your holy body and, naked and aroused, stand before the living god of Cock. Let us pray, my son, and in filthy blasphemy show God almighty how His heavenly gift of hard, oozing Cock is being worshipped and adored in glorious, fucking joy. Confess your Phallic love and sing pride as you masturbate, or suck or fuck…


I join you in naked glory at the altar of Phallic glory and together let us worship and share the love of Cock and empty our balls of sacred cum…


Hail the Almighty

From a new member:

My fellow brothers, I’ve recently found this site and more importantly l’ve found my home and church. Like you, l have long understood that Penis has given me life. Penis is my one and only true God and must be worshiped, praised and revered above all else in this world.

I encourage you to create an altar for God, whether it be a picture of a magnificent Penis, a realistic dildo or some other representation of Almighty God Penis. The altar should be placed in a peaceful area in your home, adorned with candles and a soft pillow for you to kneel upon when it’s time to pray and to celebrate our Lord. God should be positioned so that, once you’re knelt, He is above your head so you’re gazing up at Him and all His glory. Bow down on your knees and worship, my brothers. Light the candles of your home-made altar every morning when you get up, every evening before going to bed and any other time of day you feel the need to praise and Worship Almighty God Penis.

He deserves our complete and total adoration and praise. Make it known to him and to all others that Penis rules our lives. We live for Cock and will do anything our God wants and desires of us. We bow down on our knees in the presence of the Almighty and worship our Lord.

Cock Creed

I believe in you, my glorious and divine Penis. You are the center of my body, my life, my sexuality, and my spirituality. You fill my entire body with your sexual energy. I am totally devoted to you. You are my God and indeed my whole being.

The Book of the Monks (excerpt)

The Temple

The temple is the place of contact between man and what he considers important to him. Temples are some of the oldest buildings constructed by mankind. The temple is where man expresses his nature and celebrates his beliefs. The temple is more than a place of worship. The temple is also a place where man can feel contact and connection with others who share his beliefs. The temple is also a place to search for knowledge. In the East temples are used as universities and study centers.

The temple serves many purposes. The temple is also a place to feel absorbed in love, to feel a connection with your brothers, and a place to bond over shared beliefs and practice the rituals of worship.

imageThe temple is the masturbator’s penis. In the temple you will seek to connect with your inner-self and acquire a deeper understanding of your connection to the divine masculine. In the temple all of us connect to the Great Erect Phallus and the Sacred Masculine. With your legs spread wide, the temple doors are open for you to focus on your cock. Follow this path: devote yourself to extended periods of masturbation and you will dive deeply into the Goon. When your legs are spread wide, representing the open temple doors for worship, you willingly expose yourself to other worshipers so they may see the beauty of the hard, veiny, pulsing, erect phallus. As you worship, the cock and balls will exhale the sweaty, heady, musky scent of masculinity. Breathe in this aroma. Let the scent flood your mind as you masturbate. You will feel a tingling throughout your body that radiates from your dick and your mind will be solely focused on the worship of the phallus.

In the temple, all ritual and phallic alchemy are performed in order to achieve growth and development.

We enter the temple every time we masturbate. This is the phallic symbology. The temple is the point of contact with your sacred center, with your true nature, with your instincts and desires. When you enter the temple your mind and spirit are in harmony and you understand the teachings of the Phallus more easily. The Phallus will relax your mind and body; it removes away the tensions of the outside world so when we return to the profane world we are recharged. We receive the welcome daily burden of service to cock at the temple. We receive the vital masculine energy while we worship at the temple. We reconnect with our brotherhood and realign our sacred-selves to the greater purpose of Priapus. Worship at the temple and strengthen your cock.Masturbate and serve the masculine GodCock.

When two or more men gather and open their temples to masturbate, a great force is created that connects all the divine power of all penises throughout time. Cock power emanates from all men before them, all men around them, and all men that will come after them, for without the sacred sperm, there were, nor will be, other men. The temple-penis points upwards like an arrow, which allows you to capture all the energy of the universe. The erect penis is like an antenna drawing energy from the universe and amplifying our masculine vibration for all men.

Open the temple doors and let it work.

This is a short portion from a roughly 40-page paper that was posted in the old but still somewhat active Tribe of Priapus Yahoo group some months ago. The original, named Livro dos Monges, was written in Portuguese. Translation to English used Google Translate, and it is now undergoing final editing and formatting.

The Holy Cock Is Ready

The Holy Cock is ready
My asshole is lubed.
My heart is excited.
God Cock is about to enter me.
I feel blessed with anticipation.
I long for His juicy member.
I am going to make him happy.
The Lord God Penis will enter me.
He will pump me vigorously.
I shall feel every inch
I shall sense its throbbing.
I shall be overwhelmed with lust.
His cum will give me strength.
The God Cock blesses me.

Book of Cock Prayer,  revised


Each person, no matter how insignificant they think they are, has a deep meaning in the development of the world and in the development of their community. Each one in the right measure influences the rest whether they are bisexual or gay heterosexuals. And if that influence is positive, then better than better.

The CREATION that gay men do, is not the one to PROCREATE, but we do something much more important, which is to CREATE.

The meaning of creation is “the act of doing something from nothing”,

There are many gay artists on the planet. That they write wonderful literary works. They write beautiful musical pieces. They film wonderful movies. They paint beautiful canvases. And they bring to light the best of men and women, giving them beautiful places to live. The hands of gay men are wonderful. Because they can CREATE. And Creating is not little. Creating is the greatest that exists.

We CREATE moments for our men. We CREATE feelings for our nephews. We CREATE thoughts. We must value what we are and what we do.

The “Procreation” according to the dictionary is “Action and effect of procreating” and this is: “beget, multiply a species”.

It is not procreated from nothing, but is continued in a context of something created and ordered. That is, it is subject to a natural law. It’s that simple.

PROCREATION is the most basic act of the living being. Procreate dogs and chickens, chimpanzees, butterflies and plants, cockroaches, worms, and rats from the sewer.

Creation distinguishes us as superior beings.

Please, do not get confused! I am not saying that the act of procreating is irrelevant, what I am trying to say is that the act of creating has a great value that can not be omitted apart.

The masculinity we love is a virtue that we should not allow to be forgotten.

Today, there is a tendency, a fashion, in which ALL men (whether gay or heterosexual), change their lifestyle for something more “Queer”, Softer, more Feminine. Again. I’m not saying that being an effeminate or sissy queer is a bad thing. What I’m saying is that it should not be a fad that everyone wants to get to. Men with hair on chest. Men with thick hands for hard work. Men with sweaty armpits by sport. Men with wet crotch after training hard in the gym. Those men with hoarse voices and dark eyes. These men are beautiful too. It is not necessary for all men to wax their breasts and legs. There is also a lot of sensuality in a brute man.

We gays should rescue that in ourselves. It’s okay to be crazy effeminate fun. But not all gays are like that. There are many who are very masculine. If I am naturally masculine, I would not have to change my manners just to be accepted in the group. Let each one accept himself as he is. We do not need to be a woman’s mimic to feel more gay. We are gay because we like the Phallus: we love it, we adore it and we glorify it.

The heterosexual society insists on saying that a gay — homosexual — is like a woman or a sissy (especially in the Latino community) is that in that way they lower, or degrade us, in a sub category and we can no longer be a competition.

Personally I think that having been very effeminate at work in the younger age could not have achieved what I have. Fortunately I have been able to remain firm with my convictions. And after turning 30 it was common to be asked if I’m married. And I always answered no.

— Iam Cain


When I go into ritual, I never really know what I’m going to get out of it. Or what lessons I’m to learn. I usually go in because it feels just incredible. I love a good goon. 😉

On this occassion, I believe my mind needed to learn a lesson of masculinity. As a gay man, I think I’ve unknowingly struggled with my masculinity. I feel and know I’m a man, but culture has taught me that I’m really just a sissy fag. I’ve even learned to kinda like the idea. A defense mechanism to not just be depressed all the time perhaps.

But within, I don’t find any traces of female energy. Nothing against it, but I don’t honestly feel it. I’m maybe a little boyish, innocent, but never feminine.

As a gay man, I’ve always been attracted to MEN. And our culture, especially here in the US, deems that if you’re attracted to MEN then you’re somehow partly woman. This has always deeply and subconsciously fucked with me.

Through this ritual, I began to see myself not as some half woman. Some half sissy whose into dick. Instead I looped backward. And backward.

A Cock spills Its Seed to create life. But another Cock spilled Its Seed to create that life. And so on and so until the beginning. To our God. Our creator.

But what is Cock? Beyond its pleasure. Beyond its power over all Men and Women? What is our sacred roles here on this earth?

I believe Men are designed as protectors. Creating worlds and spaces where life can be created. Where Man’s Cock can be open and free to spread Its Seed. Where Cock can come to life. Be alive and create. That is the ONLY purpose of Cock. Creation.

As a gay man, I have spent decades feeling unwanted. Unneeded. For I am not part of that sacred bond. That creation story.

And yet I felt my purpose. For we face darkness in our life and through that still remain good and kind and strong. We are protectors ourselves. Keepers of kindness. We are tested and strengthened in this life. Bonded even closer to God Cock in the next. The longer and stronger and kinder we become, the more powerful we are to being that protector.

My home is a space for Cock. My body is a space for Cock. This life is a gym for the soul. Testing and strengthening my bond to Cock.

Our Lust for Cock is the eternal Bond with our Creator. It is unbreakable. It is undeniable. Darkness desires us to feel shame for this bond. To separate us from our purpose of creating such a grand world of love and peace.

The ways of the world is all a struggle between nothing and kindness. Without openness we can not create and there is nothing. We can not bond.

As gay men, we must not believe we are unworthy. Or unwanted. But created as knights in a realm of masculine energy. Protectors and guards against the chaos of darkness. It requires all our energy. And eventually, we will perish. Hopefully old and happy! And stronger and closer to Cock than when we started.

Men, by nature, are giving and open creatures. But also fiercely protective. Women are, by nature, more nurturing and healing. Men protect. Women heal. It is the way of life. And anyone who upsets this balance, one way or the other, brings out chaos. And darkness.

As times passes, we seem to be moving into an age of feminine energy. Women seek to bring inclusion and peace. Healing centuries of male domination. Inclusion in a isolating world. Which in some ways has brought us great ease from long suffering. It is far better today to live openly as a gay person or person of color than a century ago.

I don’t doubt that this will be done too far and allow too much darkness to also come to power. And the cycle begins again. War will someday return.

Humans seem to be evolving over time like a child evolves from a baby.

Learning and over correcting until we are a balanced and beautiful creation. Perhaps when we are more merged with computers and technology. Humans are so evolved now we have taken in our own hands own continuing evolution.

We will evolve from humans back into the same pure pleasure beings that we were created from. Like all things, things are designed in cycles. Evolve and grow and spread.

On Sunday, I already had plans with work to catch the Chargers/Broncos football game. A ritual of war with Men attempting to win based on stength, skill, and mental stamina.

The women standing on the sides encouraging and nurturing the energy of war (all played out symbolically). It is all a show to prove one Cock’s worthiness over another. We worship that which our minds believes is closest to the God Cock.

Our anxiety and stresses come from our disconnect with our own desired perfection.

But think of life, my brothers, as a test of your strength and stamina as well. As we are all protectors of kindness. Openness. For if we do not open, we can not enter.

And there will always be nothing. Darkness. Blackness. Which happens if we give up. We give in. Like water, darkness will slip into any tiny crack.

Cock Worship to me is pleasurable. Cock Worship to me is sensual. Cock Worship is fucking FUN. AND HOT. But I also believe it is a sacred and eternal experience.

Something ancient and mysterious and also something so future it feels unreal and ridiculous.

The next time You engage in Cock Worship, know that Cock is the most sacred and profound part of the Universe Cycle. Right there. In Your hand. Not just sex. But in all we do.

Beyond anything, even in the over think of this message, it is the most pleasurable feeling in the whole of the universe. I think we could agree on that.

— Ace Kougar