— by Brother Brian (Justin07663 on https://www.recon.com)

Envisioning an altar piece for the temple — a wooden chair with various straps and hardware. As the brothers are seated in the pews in the congregation a man is escorted onto the altar wearing loose light robes. It is obvious that he is nude beneath the robe that is tied closed. Once centered in front of the congregation with the chair behind him the escorts untie the robe. It gently parts revealing a vertical length of naked flesh from torso down the leg yet still not exposing the God between his legs craving to be revealed to all present. The chorus of prayers emanating from the brothers present is indecipherable.

The escorts remove the robe and the cock is presented. A rise in chorus increases as the chosen one is gently seated on the dark wooden chair. Slowly and methodically each strap is fastened on each appendage: ankle, calf, thigh, wrist, upper arm, torso, head and then a light gauze hood is draped over his head. A deep bell tolls. The crank on the side of the chair slowly moves under the power of the escort causing the knees of the chosen one to slowly open. The bell continues to roll and the legs further spread wide exposing more fully the cock god while allowing the pendulous balls to dangle off the bench beneath the buttocks.

Once the chair is opened to the maximum position causing the chosen to be as spread eagle as possible the congregation of brother slowly emerge from the pews in a single file line to approach the god Cock, place a gentle kiss on the head, fondle its shaft knowing that the soft moans from the host are the pleasures made vocal by your god.

Prayer to Penis

Penis, I beg you to make of my loin-fire a magnet and a calling to my brothers so that when I stoke it and focus it in my worship of you, you make of my loin-fire a magnet, calling to my brother, signaling to my brothers, drawing us one to the others. I beg this of you, God Penis, so that we can weld our fires each to the other, so we can worship You and embrace and serve you more fully and completely. I ask for my Brotherhood so that my lifework of worshiping God Penis can be realized.

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My daily prayer

Submitted by Reverend Tom Reynolds

Strip your mortal clothes from your holy body and, naked and aroused, stand before the living god of Cock. Let us pray, my son, and in filthy blasphemy show God almighty how His heavenly gift of hard, oozing Cock is being worshipped and adored in glorious, fucking joy. Confess your Phallic love and sing pride as you masturbate, or suck or fuck…


I join you in naked glory at the altar of Phallic glory and together let us worship and share the love of Cock and empty our balls of sacred cum…


The Cummunion is a banquet.

Eat and Drink! Do not stay hungry!

The Phallic God serves us his seed, his soul and his divinity, converted into heavenly food.

The food that Phallus gives us is the seed that gives the life of the world.
And if someone asks you “How can we eat their own seed?”

Say to them: “Truly, I say to you, Eat the seed of Man and drink his urine, The man, who eats the seed of man and drinks his urine, will have wisdom and life, Because man will remain in Priapus and Priapus will remain in Him.

Come and eat the sexual feast! Do not stay hungry! Satiate the carnal desire of men!
In the Cummunion, Priapus serves us from his own body and from his own divinity.

To approach the Cummunion with Priapus, you only need the clothing you were born with, forgetting modesty and shame. If not, we cannot approach Cummunion with Priapus.

By the Cummunion with Priapus we receive strength and food for the road. Eating the Semen you recover your strength, vigor, encouragement and enthusiasm and continue walking through life.

When we take the Cummunion frequently, we will be in tune with Priapus the God Phallus. That will prepare our minds to access new and wonderful pleasures that we might otherwise fear. The frequent Cummunion strengthens us the spiritual organism as a foretaste for the greater pleasures that are to come.

Semen is a piece of paradise, because to reach Him it is necessary to know and taste the orgasm and ardently desire it to be a longer time, but at the same time we want it to end soon as it is irresistibly delicious.

You can access Priapus’s Semen in different ways; however a good son and worshiper of Priapus should live the orgasm in a deeper way, since in that magical moment you access the presence of Our God. In that moment He listens to you, understands you and favors you.

Everyone is invited to this meal without exception, the perfect ones so as not to decay; the imperfect ones, so that they aspire to perfection; the strong ones so as not to lose weight; the weak to be strong; the sick to heal; the healthy ones so as not to get sick. By drinking from the Phallus of Man you recognize that you are putting your lips on Priapus’ own phallus, you are before the Divinity.

Everyone has their own tastes and their own fetishes, but in general terms, when you set out to go to the Cummunion, you should polish both your body and your spirit. Wash face and hair. And all those delicacies characteristic of lovers, of fine and strong souls, who know how to pay Love with love. In your mind, you must prioritize the desire to serve as many men as possible and to ingest as many cumloads as are offered to you.

Going to a Ritual of Cumunión with Priapus and rejecting the semen of an ejaculation is like being invited to a big banquet, sitting at the table and looking at all the served dishes, the tasty and appetizing dishes. But when the waiter comes to serve, you say:

“I’m not going to eat. I’m full. I’m just going to look!”

Is that not a complete discourtesy, right? Or worse, take a bite and then spit it out deliberately. How do you feel seeing this. Perhaps you are rejecting your own God Priapus.

By the Cummunion we Priapus’s boys, and worshipers are united not only as brothers but also as lovers. Because for the children of the God Priapus there is no union more sacred than the sexual. Through the Homosexual unión God Priapus is perennized and eternalized, letting his seed flow from generation to generation.

By the Cummunion with our God Priapus we fall in love more and more with Him and we make other men — many! — follow the same path.

The Cumunión is the main fruit the intimate union with Priapus. The Cummunion increases our union with Priapus. Semen is a material food that satisfies our physical body, like our spiritual life. The worshiper of Priapus needs to be fed by the Cummunion throughout his life, until the moment of death, when it is given to us as viaticum. The more we participate in the Cummunion with Priapus the more we progress in their friendship, and therefore the more difficult it will be for us to break with Him and His sacred principles.

When should you take the Cummunion? The Temple of Priapus strongly recommends that the faithful receive the sacred Cummunion as frequently as possible. Even every day. When we approach God Priapus, if we want, we speak intimately with Him, as one talks to a friend, as one talks to a brother, as one talks to your father.

And after taking the Cummunion, it is good to dedicate a few minutes to give thanks to the man who has made possible the real presence of Priapus in your body. It is a detail of respect and love. Each Brother will find a way to personally thank the man who has given him the possibility of receiving Him.

Always remember that any man is capable of feeding his brother; the food of God Priapus is of the whole community, regardless of their social, economic, racial or sexual preference. All men, Priapus’s sons should meet regularly for a fraternal meal.

La Cummunion es un banquete.

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¡Coman y Beban! ¡No se queden con hambre!

El Dios Falo nos sirve su semilla, su alma y su divinidad convertido en alimento celestial.

El alimento que nos regala Falo es la propia semilla que da la vida del mundo.
Y si alguno te pregunta “¿Cómo podemos comer su propia semilla?”.

Díles asi: “En verdad, les digo, Coman la semilla del Hombre y beban su orines. El que coma la semilla del hombre y beba sus orines, tendrá sabiduría y vida. Porque el hombre permanecerá en Príapo y Príapo permanecerá en él.

¡Vengan y coman del banquete sexual! ¡No se queden con hambre! ¡Sacien sus deseos!
En la Cummunion, Priapo nos sirve de su propio cuerpo y de su propia divinidad.

Para acercarte a la Cummunion con Príapo, sólo se necesita el traje de gala con el que has nacido, olvidando el recato y la vergüenza. Si no, no podemos acercarnos a la comunión con Priapo.

Por la Cummunion con Príapo recibimos la fuerza y el alimento para el camino. Comiendo el Semen recobras tus fuerzas, vigor, ánimo y aliento y sigues caminando por la vida.

Cuando tomamos la Cummunion con frecuencia, estaremos en sintonía con Priapo el dios Falo. Eso preparara nuestra mente para acceder a nuevos y maravillosos placeres que de otro modo pudiéramos temer. La Cummunion frecuente nos va fortaleciendo el organismo espiritual como anticipo para los mayores placeres que están por venir.

El semen es un pedazo de paraíso, porque para llegar a El es necesario conocer y saborear el orgasmo y deseemos ardientemente que sea un momento más prolongado, pero al mismo tiempo deseamos que acabe pronto ya que es irresistiblemente delicioso.

Se puede acceder al Semen de Príapo de distintas maneras sin embargo un buen hijo y adorador de Príapo debería vivir el orgasmo de manera más profunda, ya que en ese momento mágico, tu accedes a la presencia del Nuestro Dios Príapo. En ese momento El te escucha, te comprende y te favorece.

A esta comida son invitados todos sin excepción, Los perfectos para no decaer; los imperfectos, para que aspiren a la perfección; los fuertes para no enflaquecer; los débiles para robustecerse; los enfermos para sanar; los sanos para no enfermar. Al beber del Falo del Hombre reconoces que estas poniendo los labios en el propio falo de Príapo, estas ante la propia divinidad.

Cada uno tiene sus propios gustos y sus propios fetiches, pero en términos generales, cuando te dispones a ir a la Cummunion, deberías arreglar tanto tu cuerpo como tu espíritu. El rostro lavado y el pelo recortado y arreglado. Y todas esas delicadezas propias de los enamorados, de almas finas y recias, que saben pagar con amor el Amor. En tu mente debe primar el deseo de servir a tantos hombres como te sea posible y de ingerir tantas descargas como te sean ofrecidas.

Ir a un Ritual de Cumunión con Príapo y rechazar el semen de una eyaculación es como ser invitado a un gran banquete, sentarse a la mesa y mirar todas las fuentes servidas, los platillos sabrosos y apetitosos. Más cuando el mesero se acerca a servirte le dices:

– No voy a comer. Estoy lleno. Sólo voy a mirar!.
¿Eso es una completa descortesía verdad? O lo que es peor, tomar un bocado y luego escupirlo deliberadamente. ¿Cómo te sientes al ver esto? Acaso no estas rechazando a tu propio Dios Príapo.

Por la Cummunion nosotros los hijos y adoradores de Príapo no unimos como hermanos pero también como amantes. Porque para los hijos del Dios Príapo no hay unión más sagrada que la sexual. Por medio de la unión sexual Homosexual el Dios Príapo se perenniza y se eterniza dejando fluir su semilla de generación en generación.

Por medio de la Cummunion con nuestro Dios Príapo nos enamoramos cada día mas de El y hacemos que otros hombres —¡muchos!— sigan igual camino.

La Cumunión es el fruto principal la unión íntima con Príapo. La Cumunión acrecienta nuestra unión con Príapo. El semen es un alimento material que sacia nuestro cuerpo físico, como nuestra vida espiritual. El adorador de Príapo necesita ser alimentado por la Cumunión a lo largo de toda su vida, hasta el momento de la muerte, cuando nos sea dada como viático. Cuanto más participamos en la Cummunion con Príapo más progresamos en su amistad, y por tanto más difícil se nos hará romper con Él y sus sagrados principios.

¿Cuándo conviene tomar la Cummunion? La Iglesia de Príapo recomienda vivamente a los fieles que reciban la sagrada Cumunión tan frecuentemente como sea posible. Incluso todos los días. Cuando nos acercamos al Dios Príapo, si queremos, hablamos íntimamente con El, como se habla con un amigo, como se habla con un hermano, como se habla con tu padre.

Y después de tomar la Cummunion, es bueno dedicar unos minutos para dar gracias al hombre que ha hecho posible la presencia real de Príapo en tu cuerpo. Es un detalle de respeto y amor. Cada Hermano encontrará el modo de agradecer personalmente al hombre que le ha dado la posibilidad de recibirle.

Recordad siempre que, cualquier hombre es capaz de alimentar a su hermano, la comida de Dios Príapo es de toda la comunidad, sin importar su condición social, económica, racial o preferencia sexual. Todos los hombres hijos de Príapo deberán reunirse regularmente para una comida fraterna.

Cock Creed

I believe in you, my glorious and divine Penis. You are the center of my body, my life, my sexuality, and my spirituality. You fill my entire body with your sexual energy. I am totally devoted to you. You are my God and indeed my whole being.

Phallic Motivational

Extend your hand before your cock as if asking for something. Let it give you the result of hours of friction and horniness: the sacred sperm, the semen, the thick, gooey, fragrant, white and vicious-clear nectar. Feel the power of this hot fucking fuck in your hands. Observe and take notice of what the thick, stinky, macho, big-headed, full-bodied, and bearded fist-fucking has produced. It was hours of work, jacking, moaning, howling, and sweating hard.

The COCK will ask you to ejaculate and you will resist. The cock will drool, and you will moan. It will squirm. You will take the crystalline precum and eat and eat again, killing your hunger for sex. By then you will reek of cock from pheromones perspired by your sweat. The cock will feel like it will explode, and it is at that point that that you have achieved the Goon. The deepest Goon you have ever experienced.

Get totally lost in Phallus. Yes, Phallus! Your penis will take the form of a juicy Erect Phallus, ready to lead you into an extreme Goon state and intense sexual ecstasy that will never end. Your eyes will flutter, your mouth will foam and drool. You will make strange noises. Like a beast, you will edge your Phallus in a frantic and constant back and forth motion. It will not be you anymore and at the same time it will be you. The Phallus will masturbate your mind and fed on your desires. You will masturbate your Phallus and will become completely absorbed by the Phallus. Your nipples will be hard as stone. You will be on fire. The fire of pleasure. And with one hand you will squeeze, twist, pull, and masturbate. The balls will make their contribution. They are filled with white cum, sack milk, human protein, sacred nectar, honey, and food. Heavy, they will double in size. Boiling they will pulse like the heart. Your flabby bag will sweat like a fountain and exhale the scent from your crotch. You will gaspe and glance your Phallus as it gives you its reward.

The fist-fuck will be flowing, and you will howl. Whoever thinks he will be using the Phallus will eventually be used by the Phallus. But it will be worth it. Phallus gives of his food; the fruit of all that work. You will taste it and taste it again. You will eat from that hungry fuck you made yourself. Eat my son!

If you do not know how to serve cock, you will not be rewarded by cock. Sleepy and naked, fist-fucking your dry hand as you wake up, you realize you were asleep, realizing it was only you. Your cock remained hard while you slept and now you wake at dawn for another session.

— from the Book of the Monks, originally named Livro dos Monges, written in Portuguese.

The Book of the Monks (excerpt)

The Temple

The temple is the place of contact between man and what he considers important to him. Temples are some of the oldest buildings constructed by mankind. The temple is where man expresses his nature and celebrates his beliefs. The temple is more than a place of worship. The temple is also a place where man can feel contact and connection with others who share his beliefs. The temple is also a place to search for knowledge. In the East temples are used as universities and study centers.

The temple serves many purposes. The temple is also a place to feel absorbed in love, to feel a connection with your brothers, and a place to bond over shared beliefs and practice the rituals of worship.

imageThe temple is the masturbator’s penis. In the temple you will seek to connect with your inner-self and acquire a deeper understanding of your connection to the divine masculine. In the temple all of us connect to the Great Erect Phallus and the Sacred Masculine. With your legs spread wide, the temple doors are open for you to focus on your cock. Follow this path: devote yourself to extended periods of masturbation and you will dive deeply into the Goon. When your legs are spread wide, representing the open temple doors for worship, you willingly expose yourself to other worshipers so they may see the beauty of the hard, veiny, pulsing, erect phallus. As you worship, the cock and balls will exhale the sweaty, heady, musky scent of masculinity. Breathe in this aroma. Let the scent flood your mind as you masturbate. You will feel a tingling throughout your body that radiates from your dick and your mind will be solely focused on the worship of the phallus.

In the temple, all ritual and phallic alchemy are performed in order to achieve growth and development.

We enter the temple every time we masturbate. This is the phallic symbology. The temple is the point of contact with your sacred center, with your true nature, with your instincts and desires. When you enter the temple your mind and spirit are in harmony and you understand the teachings of the Phallus more easily. The Phallus will relax your mind and body; it removes away the tensions of the outside world so when we return to the profane world we are recharged. We receive the welcome daily burden of service to cock at the temple. We receive the vital masculine energy while we worship at the temple. We reconnect with our brotherhood and realign our sacred-selves to the greater purpose of Priapus. Worship at the temple and strengthen your cock.Masturbate and serve the masculine GodCock.

When two or more men gather and open their temples to masturbate, a great force is created that connects all the divine power of all penises throughout time. Cock power emanates from all men before them, all men around them, and all men that will come after them, for without the sacred sperm, there were, nor will be, other men. The temple-penis points upwards like an arrow, which allows you to capture all the energy of the universe. The erect penis is like an antenna drawing energy from the universe and amplifying our masculine vibration for all men.

Open the temple doors and let it work.

This is a short portion from a roughly 40-page paper that was posted in the old but still somewhat active Tribe of Priapus Yahoo group some months ago. The original, named Livro dos Monges, was written in Portuguese. Translation to English used Google Translate, and it is now undergoing final editing and formatting.

A Psalm to Penis

The COCK is my Savior;
I shall not want for anything more than COCK.
PENIS makes me lie down in constant masturbation.
He leads me into the goon,
He restores my semen.
COCK guides me in the path of my lust.
As I walk through the path of edging I praise Lord PENIS.
I worship COCK, for you always bless me.
Men’s erect rods and hard staffs feed me.
I worship and serve PENIS in the presence of my brothers.
Lord PENIS you have anointed me with Sacred Semen;
My Balls overflow with Jizz.
Surely the COCK and loving PENIS will fill me all rest of my days,
And I will dwell in the Temple of COCK forever.