Brothers, approach and bathe me.

Brothers, approach and bathe me. It is time for the holy ritual to commence. Your cockpiss is a blessing, and I am in need of its healing powers. In the healing waters of Lord Cock, my soul is cleansed and my phallic faith renewed.   Brothers, cum anoint me, In the amber rivers of Father […]

Celebrating Manly Sweat and Smells

The SACRAMENT of SWEAT Men are extremely VISUAL. PORN is, perhaps, the best evidence. The amount of PORNOGRAPHIC material being PRODUCED and SEEN at this very moment is astonishing. MEN love VISUAL STIMULI, and HOMOSEXUAL MEN are no different. Our NARCISSISTIC and HEDONISTIC NATURE makes us CONSIDER the PHYSICAL in THE HIGHEST REGARD. When I […]

Submission and Personal Choice

Where He Loves to Be The other day, when browsing the amazing tumblr of Brother @rickraunch I saw this wonderful picture posted. Handsome, mustachioed white man with gorgeous blue eyes right in front of LORD PENIS. Rick has labeled it: Where he loves to be. How much truth in a single sentence. For the Worshiper […]

Holy Cummunion Must Be a Daily Event

The dedicated worshipper receives the cum blessing from the Holy Penis, Divine Father of all. The Lord God Penis delivers always the creamiest most beautiful hot cum For the disciple to enjoy and share. To glorify the Holy Cock we must all do likewise. Each time we encounter another cock We must pray by means […]

Devote Your Entire Life to Penis Worship

Every Morning  as I Wake: 1.   As I come out of sleep I touch, stroke, and fondle my Penis to bring Him fully awake. 2.   I wake and kneel in prayer to Penis for about five minutes. 3.   I celebrate a brief Masturbation ceremony (depending on my time no shorter than 15 minutes.) 4.   After I Cum (or decide NOT to Cum) I […]

The Same Rights and Opportunities

by Brother Iam Cain (from a post on Telegram) To respect the intimate life of each member of the community is to understand that our sexuality is ours, and we have the right to live it in our own way without restriction, as long as the rights of others are not affected. Whether we like […]

An open letter from Father Marc

Let me say, welcome to The Temple of Priapus. I’m glad you found your way to us!   As I write these words, I have to be honest with myself and the others that have come to me for leadership. I would never lead someone down a path that I thought was wrong. HOWEVER, what I […]

Declaration to Cock My God

Cock, my God, when suddenly you appear My soul’s purpose on this Earth is clear. You bring peace, and joy and lust To you my soul I deliver and entrust. I envision thick, fat, rigid shafts Which drip upon my tongue Your sweetest saps. Pissholes leaking, spitting, drooling, wet I think of these and feel […]

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