Prayer to Phallos, Our Father and Creator


A former devout Catholic altar boy prays to the Eternal Father Phallos, Creator of Man and Lord Cock.


Our Father Phallos, Who art in Heaven which is found between the legs of men,

Hallowed be Thy name, Lord Cock, and blessed are the Priests of your temple.

Thy Kingdom is a paradise of Holy Cum.

May Thy will be done in my mouth or in my asshole.

Give me this day your daily cock blessings

And forgive me my trespasses when I neglect Cock.

And lead me always into temptation and lust.

Keep me safe in your embrace, Eternal Father. Amen.

Prayer for Cocklust

Hear my prayer God.

I love to give penis attention. I hold you between my thumb and forefingers.  I stroke you in adoration with thoughts of lusts and perversions in my mind.  I keep those thoughts constant with images of men I’ve laid naked with through my years, men whose cocks I’ve had the pleasure to have known and worshipped.

Fill me with your lust, horniness, and cockfilth.  I need to look into the face of Cock and give praise for Cock around me, in me, of me.  Cock desires each of us.  To dwell in our vessels.  Our mouths thirst for cock.  Our anuses yearn for cock.  You are forever in our lives.  We humble ourselves before you. Yea though I walk in the valley of non-believers I shall fear no one.  Thy Rod and Shaft they comfort me.  Guide me in your temptations with my brothers who seek purpose and fulfillment in life as we bond together in Union that Cock is the reason.

Cock is the answer.  Whatever we do in our daily lives, we do for the glory to Cock.  Cock hears our prayers of bating and orgasms.  Bring us cocks to suck.  Our lips thrust upon cock and taste and smell his essence of cum and piss from the shaft, balls, and anuses.  Horniness I take with me to work, that arousal that possesses me to glance, lust, and smell the bulges in men’s  crotches.  The odor of sweat and male musk of a man’s balls is enough to bring me to my knees with my head down and ass up waiting for my God to enter my hole and bring my God pleasure .

I love to be fucked.  Fuck me, my God.  Penetrate me with your rigid shaft.  May I and the men I bond with become one  with Cock.  Bless us with your cum in our asses and upon our lips.  Your jizm and sweat becomes our joy.  May our mouths know thy pleasure.  May we take the seed and swallow every drop.  Bless the beasts we suck.  Bless the holes that are filled.  May we continue in our perversions everyday for the rest of our lives.

In the name of Priapus we pray, Amen.

A Solstice prayer

Our cockhead
Which art in Heaven
Hallowed be thy foreskin (whether or not it’s physically present
Thy rhythms hurl
Thy spurts unfurl
On crown as it is in navel
Give us this sacrum
Our daily load
And forgive us our doubts
As we forgive our doubters
And lead us not into stagnation
But deliver us from drought
For thine is the whiz and the gonads and the testes
For ever and ever and ever.

(unknown author)

A Psalm to Penis

The COCK is my Savior;
I shall not want for anything more than COCK.
PENIS makes me lie down in constant masturbation.
He leads me into the goon,
He restores my semen.
COCK guides me in the path of my lust.
As I walk through the path of edging I praise Lord PENIS.
I worship COCK, for you always bless me.
Men’s erect rods and hard staffs feed me.
I worship and serve PENIS in the presence of my brothers.
Lord PENIS you have anointed me with Sacred Semen;
My Balls overflow with Jizz.
Surely the COCK and loving PENIS will fill me all rest of my days,
And I will dwell in the Temple of COCK forever.

Praise Be to Cock

Praise be to cock. May cock bless you today. Focus on cock. Let cock burn into your loins. May his lusts fill your heart, soul, and mind. May your body be a vessel for cock. Submit yourself in such a way that your body receive his holy sacrament. Poppers, trance music and icon images stoke the fires for worship between the legs of man. Proudly worship the cock before you and its holy seed. The beauty of phallus is exalted. Hail mighty phallus!! May your lusts transform you in your desires and seduce man in your worship of cock god. Listen to God, for the beast between your legs will talk to you in constant arousal to suck seed in life. Praise Priapus for our erections for cock is everything and the only thing we desire. We are tools to connect with God Phallus. That connection of man to God also brings us to worship man to man to lead others to God Cock. We are tools of Cock. We are vessels of Cock. We are disciples of Cock, for the fire is in our loins and in our gates to receive His holy sacrament.


The Holy Cock Is Ready

The Holy Cock is ready
My asshole is lubed.
My heart is excited.
God Cock is about to enter me.
I feel blessed with anticipation.
I long for His juicy member.
I am going to make him happy.
The Lord God Penis will enter me.
He will pump me vigorously.
I shall feel every inch
I shall sense its throbbing.
I shall be overwhelmed with lust.
His cum will give me strength.
The God Cock blesses me.

Book of Cock Prayer,  revised


Each person, no matter how insignificant they think they are, has a deep meaning in the development of the world and in the development of their community. Each one in the right measure influences the rest whether they are bisexual or gay heterosexuals. And if that influence is positive, then better than better.

The CREATION that gay men do, is not the one to PROCREATE, but we do something much more important, which is to CREATE.

The meaning of creation is “the act of doing something from nothing”,

There are many gay artists on the planet. That they write wonderful literary works. They write beautiful musical pieces. They film wonderful movies. They paint beautiful canvases. And they bring to light the best of men and women, giving them beautiful places to live. The hands of gay men are wonderful. Because they can CREATE. And Creating is not little. Creating is the greatest that exists.

We CREATE moments for our men. We CREATE feelings for our nephews. We CREATE thoughts. We must value what we are and what we do.

The “Procreation” according to the dictionary is “Action and effect of procreating” and this is: “beget, multiply a species”.

It is not procreated from nothing, but is continued in a context of something created and ordered. That is, it is subject to a natural law. It’s that simple.

PROCREATION is the most basic act of the living being. Procreate dogs and chickens, chimpanzees, butterflies and plants, cockroaches, worms, and rats from the sewer.

Creation distinguishes us as superior beings.

Please, do not get confused! I am not saying that the act of procreating is irrelevant, what I am trying to say is that the act of creating has a great value that can not be omitted apart.

The masculinity we love is a virtue that we should not allow to be forgotten.

Today, there is a tendency, a fashion, in which ALL men (whether gay or heterosexual), change their lifestyle for something more “Queer”, Softer, more Feminine. Again. I’m not saying that being an effeminate or sissy queer is a bad thing. What I’m saying is that it should not be a fad that everyone wants to get to. Men with hair on chest. Men with thick hands for hard work. Men with sweaty armpits by sport. Men with wet crotch after training hard in the gym. Those men with hoarse voices and dark eyes. These men are beautiful too. It is not necessary for all men to wax their breasts and legs. There is also a lot of sensuality in a brute man.

We gays should rescue that in ourselves. It’s okay to be crazy effeminate fun. But not all gays are like that. There are many who are very masculine. If I am naturally masculine, I would not have to change my manners just to be accepted in the group. Let each one accept himself as he is. We do not need to be a woman’s mimic to feel more gay. We are gay because we like the Phallus: we love it, we adore it and we glorify it.

The heterosexual society insists on saying that a gay — homosexual — is like a woman or a sissy (especially in the Latino community) is that in that way they lower, or degrade us, in a sub category and we can no longer be a competition.

Personally I think that having been very effeminate at work in the younger age could not have achieved what I have. Fortunately I have been able to remain firm with my convictions. And after turning 30 it was common to be asked if I’m married. And I always answered no.

— Iam Cain

Daily Dedication to Cock

The craving to be better cock suckers,
To be holier cum drinkers,
To express cocklust in daily masturbation,
To be superior cock tops,
To be finer ass bottoms,
To perfect the passion of our fucking.
These cravings will mould and style us anew until we awake
Remade in His Fucking Likeness.

Book of Cock Prayer, revised

from a Disciple in search of enlightenment

I am cumming to believe:

To engage in the worship of Cock enshrined in the vehicle of flesh is as essential and natural to the core of being as dependence on water and air.

To be aroused and compelled to worship Cock made manifest in the flesh of another is the procession of being on the pilgrimage for enlightened cum-union.

To make manifest the flesh of Cock in the engagement of worship by another is to obey the commandment of being the instrument of Cock.

To be penetrated by the heat and glory of Cock is the sacrament of surrender in being one with Cock.

— Brother TeeJay