Worship the Holy One

You are called to worship the holy one.
Remove all garments;
Unclothed you shall remain,
Praying in naked adoration.
The Lord God Penis is unlimited in lust.
He demands that our hands caress him.
He orders our mouths to suck him.
He commands our assholes to accept him.
We must obey humbly and with pride
To be consecrated by our Lord Penis.

Book of Cock Prayer, revised

I Awoke

I awoke at 3:00 am; I am naked.
Was it a dream or did I hear a noise, I feel a presence near my lips.
It is the cockhead of our God.
Holy Precum is placed on my chin and nose.
I reveal my tongue and taste the nectar.
I am now fully awake and my worshiping mouth engulfs our God.
I feel a warm embrace of my own Cock.
As my worshipful lips caress His Holy Head.
A probing tongue greedily seeks the Holy Precum and Holy Seed to follow.
I feel the Cock within my mouth harden,
I taste the Precum flowing,
Before long I feel the rhythmic pumping and taste the wondrous Holy Seed,
As the Holy Seed from below warms my groin, I am blessed with more from above.
I savour every drop;
None is wasted.
I feel in heaven,
I kiss the hooded head of this God of the Night;
I go back to sleep satisfied.

Book of Cock Prayer, revised

Keep an Image of God Penis Always in Your Mind

In our endeavor to glorify the Lord God Phallus in our daily life
We must maintain in our minds
A clear image of Cock in action or at rest.
Keep our minds firmly on Penis.
We must act and behave as living disciples of Cock,
Obeying every desire our Lord commands within us,
And in this manner we become constantly aware of his divine presence.

Book of Cock Prayer, revised

Prayer to Our Father Cock

Our Father Cock! We LOVE you! We STROKE you! We ACKNOWLEDGE you as our GOD!!! Guide us!!! Show us the way to others yearning to know this truth! Let us listen for YOUR call in all we do!!! Let us FALL TO OUR KNEES BEFORE YOU OH GOD!!! Let us BEND OVER TO RECEIVE YOU OH FATHER!!! Let us OFFER OUR GOD TO OTHERS TO FEED AND TO FILL OTHERS!!! We are MEN called to serve YOU!!! LET US DO THAT THIS DAY!!! NEMA!!!!!!!!!

God Is Here

God is here,
Thick, long and erect.
I open my mouth and suck it now.
I want to be penetrated to the depths my throat.
Oh mighty Lord, I love you with all my heart and body and soul.
I shall revel in Cock.
I shall devour its blessing.
My body is His forever.

Book of Cock Prayer, revised

God Is Mighty and King

God is mighty and king.
His shaft is thick and hot as the holy head enters my mouth.
I am blessed with his presence.
I shall take a long time to savor it.
I worship my God Penis with tender love.
All my energy is for him. There is nothing else.
I want only him in my wet mouth.
I must consume every inch of it.
I want to drink every drop of hot cum.
This is my only life!

Book of Cock Prayer, revised

Holy, Holy Penis

Holy, Holy Penis,
Master of my life:
Let me worship you.
Be my Savior and Lord.
Provide me with cum to purify my life.
And piss to cleanse my body.
All in glorification of your universal power.
And to all who love you dearly,
To all who kiss and suck your head,
And lick your gorgeous shaft.
Bless and keep them forever lustful in your presence.

Book of Cock Prayer, revised

I Love You, Lord Cock

Let us pray:

Lord Cock, you call me to worship in your honor each minute of the day.
When I piss, you are there.
When cock shifts as I walk, you are there.
When I notice the bulge, the subtle touching of cock in the groins of others, you are there.
When I smell the aroma of cock at the public urinal, you are there.

I love you, Lord Cock.