Male Bonding in Sex

So everything Men do together is manly, except for sex? My Brother, there is probably nothing more masculine than Men intimately bonding and sharing their sexual power. Homosexual sex is the celebration, acknowledgement and indulgence of each other’s rich and diverse Masculinity. — from —

No Fear

We fear the most those things we ourselves have shut away. The Horned One is a guide, a teacher, a representation of our sexuality, masculinity, mysticism, renewal and interconnection. He lurks in a darkness WE created, but He is not evil. He is a mirror, an aspect of ourselves. — from

The Beast is your Libido

The Beast is your Libido, your animalistic drive to satisfy primordial sexual desires. The Beast is the Pride you take when you exert your masculinity on those you dominate. The Beast is also the Bliss you experience when those needs are taken care of by those you submit to. — from

Celebrating Your Manhood

Whenever You and Your Partner come together to celebrate Your Manhood and Your Lust in naked honesty, passion, camaraderie, affection, adoration and respect, the Pleasure You create together becomes an energy that adds to the healing and betterment of Yourself and the World. — from

One Force

That which you hold in high regard is naturally worthy of your Worship. Idols and spiritual entities, however, take far more than what they give in return. There’s but One Force who abundantly imparts, feeds and injects Life, Power and Joy. To Know Him is to Love Him above all. — from

Come to Me, Son

Come to Me, Son. Kneel before the Priest who bears the God You seek. Willingly shall You place Your Trust in Me. If You would Love Me, You must get to know Yourself first. Open not Your Eyes, but Your Heart. If I am already there, then You are already His. You are already mine. […]

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