Cock Is Good

Cock is good, with much blessings guiding us to our knees.

This is the day Cock has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.

Praise Cock from whom all blessings flow. Thy rod and shaft they comfort me.

Thy Kingdom cum, thy spill be done, on me as it is done on my brethren.

Cock Is Power

by Cruisingforu

Cock is power that moves us to our knees.

In our perversions we find solace in our God. In our bating we find answers to our prayers. At the altar we find purpose and reason to our lives. We find peace in each other, love for our God and for man, and joy in ourselves.

Cock is molding us, directing us, always showing his path.

Cock Prayer

A collaboration prayer between Cruisingforu & Ace

Cock is pleasured by our obedience to him. We submit to his desires. Our love for cock and to each other brings out the best in us. We long to be filled with his cum as we suck the beast between men’s legs. With fuck the anus waiting to be pleasured. We stroke the balls that produce the protein of life that we so wholeheartedly desire. That is our Trinity of God, Cock, Balls, and Ass. We make love to all three, neglecting nothing.

Cock is the ultimate Power. Growing, towering there as we thrust our tongues toward Him, hungry for even the taste of the heavy thick God before us, erect and wanting. Our bodies shake as this fearsome Presence looms in wait, demanding our holes loose for Its pleasure. In and out. Pulsing thrusts of Alpha energy. Wet Seed leaking from this Tower, lubing our sleeves of warm slick flesh until Cock explodes with satisfaction. Flooding us with His sacred, precious life. Fulfilling our bond. Our purpose.

Serving Manhood with unwavering passion, never denying that which Cock wants to explode with fervor and mighty force down our hungry throats. We lick off each other that which escapes the vessel’s lips. God is all good. Cock is all demanding which we are happy to surrender to. God is all inhabiting in each and every one of us. We see him, hear him, feel him.

God Cock is unconditional. It has no desire but our dedication. Our kindness. Our lustfulness. Our life. For it grows in our mouths. In our holes. It pulses with pleasure and spills the gift of Life. How can anything be more important?

Nothing else matters in our devotion. We are sluts, whores, we grovel in the dark rooms, public parks, creeks and under bridges to fulfill our duties and desires as if this may be the last cock we suck.

Cock calls to us from the dark. Making our holes twitch with desire. To be filled. Stretched. and overrun with pleasure and sacred seed. To be used as a vessel for Cock’s power. And be humbled by its Alpha energy.

For all we know is Cock. All we desire is Cock. All we need is Cock. Everything is Cock. Never tiring of it. We go from male to male being seeded, lost in our gooning for Cock. So much pleasure, so many Cocks. We pray that it never ends. Satisfied in our continued edging to be unsatisfied, to satisfy Cock, our goal and duty, unwavering to the last drop on the tips of our tongues. This is the Cockworshipper.

Hear my prayer, God

by cruisingforu

Hear my prayer, God. I love to give penis attention. I hold you between my thumb and forefingers.  I stroke you in adoration with thoughts of lusts and perversions in my mind.  I keep those thoughts constant with images of men I’ve laid naked with through my years, men whose cocks I’ve had the pleasure to have known and worshipped.  Fill me with your lust, horniness, and cockfilth.  I need to look into the face of Cock and give praise for Cock around me, in me, of me.

Cock desires each of us.  To dwell in our vessels.  Our mouths thirst for cock.  Our anuses yearn for cock.  You are forever in our lives.  We humble ourselves before you. Yea though I walk in the valley of non-believers I shall fear no one.  Thy Rod and Shaft they comfort me.  Guide me in your temptations with my brothers who seek purpose and fulfillment in life as we bond together in Union that Cock is the reason.  Cock is the answer.

Whatever we do in our daily lives, we do for the glory to Cock.  Cock hears our prayers of bating and orgasms.  Bring us cocks to suck.  Our lips thrust upon cock and taste and smell his essence of cum and piss from the shaft, balls, and anuses.  Horniness I take with me to work, that arousal that possesses me to glance, lust, and smell the bulges in men’s  crotches.  The odor of sweat and male musk of a man’s balls is enough to bring me to my knees with my head down and ass up waiting for my God to enter my hole and bring my God pleasure .  I love to be fucked.  Fuck me, my God.  Penetrate me with your rigid shaft.  May I and the men I bond with become one  with Cock.  Bless us with your cum in our asses and upon our lips.  Your jizm and sweat becomes our joy.

May our mouths know thy pleasure.  May we take the seed and swallow every drop.  Bless the beasts we suck.  Bless the holes that are filled.  May we continue in our perversions everyday for the rest of our lives.  In the name of Priapus we pray, Amen.

Be amazing!!

by cruisingforu

Hail God Cock! Make us hard.  Keep our cocks filled with the force of Priapus.  With our hands wrapped around our rigid shafts may lust flow with the rising semen.  May our balls tighten up with every pulse of every flared cock head.  May our asses twitch with every cock entering  pass the sphincter muscle.  May our prostate give release in excitement and pleasure.  May eruptions fountain in pleasure in masturbatory joy as every Bator  goons in incoherent babble in appreciation of our God.  May our faces connect with the creamy liquid that drips from our chins in satisfied fulfillment.

Our fists pump greedily in rapid succession with the touch of our anus not be neglected but appreciated with our tongues and lips that such pleasure not be denied.  May we suck all cocks of all shapes and sizes in all conditions from strong vitalized erections to those with erectile dysfunction.  May we feel your influence and lust in all we do, always and in all ways.  My joy is with my hand around my cock, giving pleasure to cock, living in cock, looking for cock, fed by cock, being blessed by cock, thinking of cock, making my body a temple of cock.

Nothing is done without cock.  Cock is the reason, the answer, the peace, love, and joy that all men seek.  It is all there… in cock.  Grab it, take it by the balls, feel it, taste it, suck it, fuck and be fucked by it.  There is no greater pleasure than Cock.  Be horny, my brothers.  Be perverted in filth and porn, for porn stars are the disciples of cock.  We look to them to make our cocks hard.  Their joy are our cumshots that drench our bodies in cum and sweat.  We cannot be judged by the hours we spend in worship, but by the attention we gave to ourselves and to one another for his need is my need too.  The love we give is equal to the love we take.

No greater love than the cum we share with our brother and the cum he shares with us.  Love your brother as you love yourself.  You will be amazingly blessed!  Be amazing!!