We kneel

May we bathe in His sacred seed, may He fill our holes with His blessed shaft. We kneel before Phallus. We are God Phallus and He is us.

I love you sacred Savior with all of my soul.  Bless us with your presence. Knowing that you hang freely between the legs of our brethren. 

Hail Cock! 
Hail Cock!
Hail Cock!

Good morning brothers

I wake in lust for Him. May we get on our hands and knees to obey Him as we arch our backs and lift our asses to receive Him.  Let us speak His name as He slides His holy shaft inside us. Let us open our holes to Him and feel the length of His power enter us slowly until His mighty cock head touches our prostate as only the true God can. Let us feel His rhythm as He thrusts in and out of our asses. Let us cry out His name as we are blessed with His climax. Let His God semen flow through our bodies and out of our mouths as we become living fountains of His seed. In His holy name we pray.

Hail Phallus!
Hail Priapus!
Hail Cock!

All Brothers in Penis

Let us stand together, dear brothers, and worship at the altar of the Holy Penis.

Let us praise Priapus, who manifests himself in the penises which hang from our loins.
Let us receive one another’s penises into our mouths and suckle Priapus’s holy gift.
Let our mouths be filled with blessed penis.
Let our tongues lick the precious nectars that flow from the penis.
Let us nourish ourselves at the penis fountain.
Let us lose ourselves in penis lust.
Let our penises swell with the sweet blood of Priapus.
Let our mouths savor the salty succulence of masculine juices.
Let our oral labor coax and seduce rivers of life-giving semen from our brothers’ penises.
Let ejaculations fill mouth and belly with living sperm.
Let our moans of penis pleasure fill your ears, great Priapus, with reverent praise.

Talk to your Cock, and listen to Him.

Vox phallus vox dei.

Hail penis! Hail Priapus!

— Wanderson Goon

Cock Prayer

Phallic brothers pray to your COCK

(Grab your bulge)
Hail to phallus
Praise my semen
Glory to my MANHOOD

(Grab your penis)
Phallus blood flow
Engorge my mighty spear
Glory to my ERECTION

(Jerk your penis)
Brothers I Bate with you
Admire my gallant steed
Glory to my bull COCK

(Jerk hard in praise)
My hardy helmut is full
Bouncing between my manly thighs
Glory to my STUD BALLS

(Continue jerking)
My Load is for you Phallus
My powerful torpedo is filled with my man sperm
I jerk with my brothers

(circle around cup repeat and cum)
Glory to my stud MEAT
Glory to my man fluid
Glory to my sperm
Glory to my sperm

Eat your cum and the cum of your brothers.

— Wanderson Goon