Hail the Almighty

From a new member:

My fellow brothers, I’ve recently found this site and more importantly l’ve found my home and church. Like you, l have long understood that Penis has given me life. Penis is my one and only true God and must be worshiped, praised and revered above all else in this world.

I encourage you to create an altar for God, whether it be a picture of a magnificent Penis, a realistic dildo or some other representation of Almighty God Penis. The altar should be placed in a peaceful area in your home, adorned with candles and a soft pillow for you to kneel upon when it’s time to pray and to celebrate our Lord. God should be positioned so that, once you’re knelt, He is above your head so you’re gazing up at Him and all His glory. Bow down on your knees and worship, my brothers. Light the candles of your home-made altar every morning when you get up, every evening before going to bed and any other time of day you feel the need to praise and Worship Almighty God Penis.

He deserves our complete and total adoration and praise. Make it known to him and to all others that Penis rules our lives. We live for Cock and will do anything our God wants and desires of us. We bow down on our knees in the presence of the Almighty and worship our Lord.

Vindication of our Phallic Lust

Reflections on Lust as the driving force of this reality

At Temple Priapus, often do we say that, as long as other People’s Free Will is honored and respected, One is free to fulfill, experience and indulge His Desires for such is the Will of the Source. As Men who cherish our Spiritual Freedom, we choose to live on the fringe of socially prescribed behavior when it comes to our Sexuality—often even within our own queer subcultures—and we defend that right with fervor. We defend it from shaming, from chastising judgement. It is that right and desire to express my Sexuality that leads me to confess, as I embrace and own epithets that have been thrown at us with derision,

An older picture of my greased Butt. Eagerly will it open to House the God Cock.

I AM a Cock-loving, Cock-worshiping Male Slut, and I fucking love it!

Please make sure to remind me of this truth once and again as I kneel before You, my Brother, to worship You, to worship Your Cock. Whisper it to my ear as you penetrate deep into my Naked Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Self.

I frequently reflect and write about the Vindication of our Lust, for, to me, it is an exercise of liberating rationalization that originates from my Heart, from my desire to break completely free from the shackles of guilt and shame which result from years, decades—centuries!—of conditioning. Centuries of being told we are wicked, sinful, immoral, unworthy, undeserving of God’s Love.

The reach and power of that culture and time-transcending conditioning should not be underestimated, Brother. That’s why it is so relevant for us to say with pride, and to say it often:

This is the God who Loves Us! This is the God We Worship!

He Loves Us that much, that He rises for Us every time to shower Us with His Energies and fill Us with Joy, Power and Pleasure, freely, unconditionally. He is Love devoid of the poisons of Fear, Extortion and Separation. Phallic Lust is the primal manifestation of that Love, among us Reveling Men who Love Men.

Lust is the one sustaining, driving force in this Reality.

This Reality can simply not exist without Lust. The entire natural world, in its lush, rich diversity revolves around sexual desire. Human Sexuality is not different, but it goes beyond reproduction and the propagation of one’s genes. When you are initiated into the spiritual nature of Reality you begin to understand the whole purpose of the dance is to be danced. We dance the Dance of Life to celebrate and indulge the Source’s inherent desire to manifest, create, expand.

Hence we are born and reborn in this reality, for as long as we want to, in order to experience physicality and a plethora of other interests, circumstances, sensations, emotions, challenges, adventures, limitations and forms of expression. Without desire, none of these can occur.

What drives You? What’s your passion? What are you waiting for in order to pursue it?

Lust is not exclusively sexual; we all Lust for many different things. There are lusts that are intellectual and/or philosophical, some lusts are emotional. The desire to know is a perfect example of an intellectual lust. The desire—and need—to be loved, is emotional in nature. Spiritual Lust is the desire to transcend, to expand your consciousness, to encompass the very Truths of the Universe. Many “lower” lusts, such as ambition, are simply a desire to wield and exercise Power. Some lusts are masochistic in nature; many people desire to consciously or unconsciously yield to and suffer other people’s Power.

Sexual Lust is sensual in nature, that is, concerned with the gratification of the senses, but is also complex in its psychological, emotional and even sexual nuances. We all seek that which is pleasant to the senses, but also the means to satisfy several other layers of desire. Aesthetics has pondered on the issue for centuries; it seems Beauty is both relative and universal, which means that, while it is subjective, it is also determined by certain, specific constants.

Your humble servant has a weakness for mature, bald, beefy, bearded Daddy types.

As if to confirm this, the Phallus and His carriers are presented to us in Their rich, infinite variety and potential that appeal more or less to different individuals; many people seem to be particularly drawn to certain shapes, preferences in age, body type, hair and odor, skin color, etc. And yet, to us, Cock Lovers, there is an almost universal appeal to the sight of any engorged Penis arrogantly grinning at us, making us all swell with Lust.

This Lust too originates from the Source; for nothing exists out of it.

We refuse to regard it as a dirty desire that needs to be hidden away, suppressed, fought, neutered.

The False Prophets of separation tell us that whatever they regard as “sin” will separate us from God. Maybe from THEIR God, and its whimsical, evil manipulation, but never from the Source. In case it was not sufficiently clear, I shall repeat the hermetic principle:

Nothing exists out of the Source.

There is no separation, my Brother. There never was, there will never be.

We vindicate our right to Celebrate Penis, for Penis brings Men together. Our Brotherhood is possible because we have chosen to share our Phallic Lust. The only “evil” within our Brotherhood, is the “evil” you believe you carry in your own Heart.

Behold the perfection of your Brother’s diversity. He is “perfect” not because He exemplifies any given canon, but because He is God’s Will in the Flesh; He is a Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual and Emotional manifestation of the Divine Masculine, and He is worthy of Your assertive and/or submissive Worship simply because He is a Fractal of God, in His given Strengths andWeaknesses.

He, just like You, is a Son of the High God.

Listen to Your Penis. Listen to He Who never lies.

Listen to He Who Rises when He Pleases.

Join me, Brother. Join Us in the Phallic Celebration of our common Lust!

Hail Cock!

The Cummunion is a banquet.

Eat and Drink! Do not stay hungry!

The Phallic God serves us his seed, his soul and his divinity, converted into heavenly food.

The food that Phallus gives us is the seed that gives the life of the world.
And if someone asks you “How can we eat their own seed?”

Say to them: “Truly, I say to you, Eat the seed of Man and drink his urine, The man, who eats the seed of man and drinks his urine, will have wisdom and life, Because man will remain in Priapus and Priapus will remain in Him.

Come and eat the sexual feast! Do not stay hungry! Satiate the carnal desire of men!
In the Cummunion, Priapus serves us from his own body and from his own divinity.

To approach the Cummunion with Priapus, you only need the clothing you were born with, forgetting modesty and shame. If not, we cannot approach Cummunion with Priapus.

By the Cummunion with Priapus we receive strength and food for the road. Eating the Semen you recover your strength, vigor, encouragement and enthusiasm and continue walking through life.

When we take the Cummunion frequently, we will be in tune with Priapus the God Phallus. That will prepare our minds to access new and wonderful pleasures that we might otherwise fear. The frequent Cummunion strengthens us the spiritual organism as a foretaste for the greater pleasures that are to come.

Semen is a piece of paradise, because to reach Him it is necessary to know and taste the orgasm and ardently desire it to be a longer time, but at the same time we want it to end soon as it is irresistibly delicious.

You can access Priapus’s Semen in different ways; however a good son and worshiper of Priapus should live the orgasm in a deeper way, since in that magical moment you access the presence of Our God. In that moment He listens to you, understands you and favors you.

Everyone is invited to this meal without exception, the perfect ones so as not to decay; the imperfect ones, so that they aspire to perfection; the strong ones so as not to lose weight; the weak to be strong; the sick to heal; the healthy ones so as not to get sick. By drinking from the Phallus of Man you recognize that you are putting your lips on Priapus’ own phallus, you are before the Divinity.

Everyone has their own tastes and their own fetishes, but in general terms, when you set out to go to the Cummunion, you should polish both your body and your spirit. Wash face and hair. And all those delicacies characteristic of lovers, of fine and strong souls, who know how to pay Love with love. In your mind, you must prioritize the desire to serve as many men as possible and to ingest as many cumloads as are offered to you.

Going to a Ritual of Cumunión with Priapus and rejecting the semen of an ejaculation is like being invited to a big banquet, sitting at the table and looking at all the served dishes, the tasty and appetizing dishes. But when the waiter comes to serve, you say:

“I’m not going to eat. I’m full. I’m just going to look!”

Is that not a complete discourtesy, right? Or worse, take a bite and then spit it out deliberately. How do you feel seeing this. Perhaps you are rejecting your own God Priapus.

By the Cummunion we Priapus’s boys, and worshipers are united not only as brothers but also as lovers. Because for the children of the God Priapus there is no union more sacred than the sexual. Through the Homosexual unión God Priapus is perennized and eternalized, letting his seed flow from generation to generation.

By the Cummunion with our God Priapus we fall in love more and more with Him and we make other men — many! — follow the same path.

The Cumunión is the main fruit the intimate union with Priapus. The Cummunion increases our union with Priapus. Semen is a material food that satisfies our physical body, like our spiritual life. The worshiper of Priapus needs to be fed by the Cummunion throughout his life, until the moment of death, when it is given to us as viaticum. The more we participate in the Cummunion with Priapus the more we progress in their friendship, and therefore the more difficult it will be for us to break with Him and His sacred principles.

When should you take the Cummunion? The Temple of Priapus strongly recommends that the faithful receive the sacred Cummunion as frequently as possible. Even every day. When we approach God Priapus, if we want, we speak intimately with Him, as one talks to a friend, as one talks to a brother, as one talks to your father.

And after taking the Cummunion, it is good to dedicate a few minutes to give thanks to the man who has made possible the real presence of Priapus in your body. It is a detail of respect and love. Each Brother will find a way to personally thank the man who has given him the possibility of receiving Him.

Always remember that any man is capable of feeding his brother; the food of God Priapus is of the whole community, regardless of their social, economic, racial or sexual preference. All men, Priapus’s sons should meet regularly for a fraternal meal.

La Cummunion es un banquete.

Press here for the English language version.

¡Coman y Beban! ¡No se queden con hambre!

El Dios Falo nos sirve su semilla, su alma y su divinidad convertido en alimento celestial.

El alimento que nos regala Falo es la propia semilla que da la vida del mundo.
Y si alguno te pregunta “¿Cómo podemos comer su propia semilla?”.

Díles asi: “En verdad, les digo, Coman la semilla del Hombre y beban su orines. El que coma la semilla del hombre y beba sus orines, tendrá sabiduría y vida. Porque el hombre permanecerá en Príapo y Príapo permanecerá en él.

¡Vengan y coman del banquete sexual! ¡No se queden con hambre! ¡Sacien sus deseos!
En la Cummunion, Priapo nos sirve de su propio cuerpo y de su propia divinidad.

Para acercarte a la Cummunion con Príapo, sólo se necesita el traje de gala con el que has nacido, olvidando el recato y la vergüenza. Si no, no podemos acercarnos a la comunión con Priapo.

Por la Cummunion con Príapo recibimos la fuerza y el alimento para el camino. Comiendo el Semen recobras tus fuerzas, vigor, ánimo y aliento y sigues caminando por la vida.

Cuando tomamos la Cummunion con frecuencia, estaremos en sintonía con Priapo el dios Falo. Eso preparara nuestra mente para acceder a nuevos y maravillosos placeres que de otro modo pudiéramos temer. La Cummunion frecuente nos va fortaleciendo el organismo espiritual como anticipo para los mayores placeres que están por venir.

El semen es un pedazo de paraíso, porque para llegar a El es necesario conocer y saborear el orgasmo y deseemos ardientemente que sea un momento más prolongado, pero al mismo tiempo deseamos que acabe pronto ya que es irresistiblemente delicioso.

Se puede acceder al Semen de Príapo de distintas maneras sin embargo un buen hijo y adorador de Príapo debería vivir el orgasmo de manera más profunda, ya que en ese momento mágico, tu accedes a la presencia del Nuestro Dios Príapo. En ese momento El te escucha, te comprende y te favorece.

A esta comida son invitados todos sin excepción, Los perfectos para no decaer; los imperfectos, para que aspiren a la perfección; los fuertes para no enflaquecer; los débiles para robustecerse; los enfermos para sanar; los sanos para no enfermar. Al beber del Falo del Hombre reconoces que estas poniendo los labios en el propio falo de Príapo, estas ante la propia divinidad.

Cada uno tiene sus propios gustos y sus propios fetiches, pero en términos generales, cuando te dispones a ir a la Cummunion, deberías arreglar tanto tu cuerpo como tu espíritu. El rostro lavado y el pelo recortado y arreglado. Y todas esas delicadezas propias de los enamorados, de almas finas y recias, que saben pagar con amor el Amor. En tu mente debe primar el deseo de servir a tantos hombres como te sea posible y de ingerir tantas descargas como te sean ofrecidas.

Ir a un Ritual de Cumunión con Príapo y rechazar el semen de una eyaculación es como ser invitado a un gran banquete, sentarse a la mesa y mirar todas las fuentes servidas, los platillos sabrosos y apetitosos. Más cuando el mesero se acerca a servirte le dices:

– No voy a comer. Estoy lleno. Sólo voy a mirar!.
¿Eso es una completa descortesía verdad? O lo que es peor, tomar un bocado y luego escupirlo deliberadamente. ¿Cómo te sientes al ver esto? Acaso no estas rechazando a tu propio Dios Príapo.

Por la Cummunion nosotros los hijos y adoradores de Príapo no unimos como hermanos pero también como amantes. Porque para los hijos del Dios Príapo no hay unión más sagrada que la sexual. Por medio de la unión sexual Homosexual el Dios Príapo se perenniza y se eterniza dejando fluir su semilla de generación en generación.

Por medio de la Cummunion con nuestro Dios Príapo nos enamoramos cada día mas de El y hacemos que otros hombres —¡muchos!— sigan igual camino.

La Cumunión es el fruto principal la unión íntima con Príapo. La Cumunión acrecienta nuestra unión con Príapo. El semen es un alimento material que sacia nuestro cuerpo físico, como nuestra vida espiritual. El adorador de Príapo necesita ser alimentado por la Cumunión a lo largo de toda su vida, hasta el momento de la muerte, cuando nos sea dada como viático. Cuanto más participamos en la Cummunion con Príapo más progresamos en su amistad, y por tanto más difícil se nos hará romper con Él y sus sagrados principios.

¿Cuándo conviene tomar la Cummunion? La Iglesia de Príapo recomienda vivamente a los fieles que reciban la sagrada Cumunión tan frecuentemente como sea posible. Incluso todos los días. Cuando nos acercamos al Dios Príapo, si queremos, hablamos íntimamente con El, como se habla con un amigo, como se habla con un hermano, como se habla con tu padre.

Y después de tomar la Cummunion, es bueno dedicar unos minutos para dar gracias al hombre que ha hecho posible la presencia real de Príapo en tu cuerpo. Es un detalle de respeto y amor. Cada Hermano encontrará el modo de agradecer personalmente al hombre que le ha dado la posibilidad de recibirle.

Recordad siempre que, cualquier hombre es capaz de alimentar a su hermano, la comida de Dios Príapo es de toda la comunidad, sin importar su condición social, económica, racial o preferencia sexual. Todos los hombres hijos de Príapo deberán reunirse regularmente para una comida fraterna.

Where is the Temple?


Tonight I sit in my living room and my head spins with what I would like to say to all of you. My Twitter account (@father_marc) is bringing in men from around the world, and many of them have registered here at the Temple website. Many have written to me with questions and requests. So many men want guidance – and I am so ready and willing (in my heart and soul) to answer those questions and give that guidance. This is, after all, what I believe I have been led to do. But I feel like I keep running into walls and barriers – the greatest of those being “Time” (“Time” is my solid brick wall)!

Like many of you, organizing time is not one of my gifts. With a job, a husband, a dog, a home, and friends and family; trying to get time in for the Temple – and ultimately you, our members – can be challenging. In addition to that, there are other things that take my time. For instance, there are many social media networks out there that have “pages” or “links” that are affiliated with our Temple (and some that are not, yet they think they are), which I also try to keep my eye on (I don’t always participate – but I look to keep up and do a bit of monitoring). A lot of this becomes so overwhelming! I do have 13 men that I work with – but this is a volunteer endeavor and they too have lives of their own. I can only ask and expect so much from these men. Also, I must be honest here and say that I also have to make time for my own worship time and personal growth. I need time with my God as much as – or perhaps more than – many of you! I pray for wisdom and knowledge daily! I do not take my responsibility as your High Priest and Leader lightly – so, therefore, I want to be the best that I can be and prepared for what comes my way!

Have you ever played the lottery hoping to win big so you could quit your job and live your dreams? For me, I want to win the lottery so I can build a Temple, not only here in Santa Cruz, CA, but in other cities and towns around the world. I would love to have a creative paid staff that can create a space for us as Brothers to worship Cock together – a place that allows for no shame and no guilt to exist. I want to build the ultimate “Man-Cave” out in the open for the adoration of the Phallus. Not a place of “religious dogma”, but a place of freedom to express our Phallic desires as a Brotherhood. I want a place that you can kneel before another man and worship the Cock that raises before him – a place where our God can truly be glorified in the bate and in the sodomy of men. I want a place that men may come regardless of their sexual preference and feel safe, and at peace, a place for relaxation and growth, and a place of learning – for there is no greater place than in the company of like-minded men who’s one unifying connection is the God that we have been chosen to carry.

People are always writing to me asking “Where is the Temple?” and “When are the services?” and “How do I become a member?” These are all very valid questions and ones that I would ask myself if I were to discover this website. What I wouldn’t give to be able to give them the address of the Temple that was built by men who love our God like the one I have described above!

But for now, the Temple that we have is the Temple that is between the legs of each and every man out there in this world. That Temple will always exist and has ALWAYS existed. The services happen whenever you open the doors. You become a member when you acknowledge that Cock is truly God – and God is truly Cock.

Stories are told of a man that they say existed 2000 years ago. He was a man who spoke on the hillsides and in fields. I have to believe he existed because he changed the world. Sadly, his words were misconstrued, his message got twisted, lies became laws and lives were ruined in the process. But I digress.

My point here is – there were no physical Temples or Churches at that time either – those came later. Perhaps it is up to us to do the same! Let us take what we have and create what we want – trusting that what we truly want will come in time as we grow. It is crucial that we all participate as we can…to give what we have to give! This is not something that only a few can do – for it is a great task to create what we all desire. It takes many! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have hundreds of men working toward these goals and many others?

Are you able to help? How can you help?

To give you an example: This website isn’t free, but as you can see it is probably the lowest functioning website there is – we don’t have the funds or the know-how to make it greater. If you’re a web designer that is willing to donate your expertise to create something better, we will gladly accept that…as long as we have the monetary donations from someone to match your talents. Please ask yourself, what is it that you are good at? What are you willing to do to help this Temple become the place of Brotherhood we all desire to have? What are you able to give? Donations of your time and money will be accepted! Feel free to write to me with any questions, comments or offers of help! I’d love to hear from you!

More than anything, we want you to be a part of us and of our growth! We desire to have you worship Cock, our God, with us – no matter what you have to offer! All men are welcome in the Brotherhood!

So, just where is the Temple? It is waiting to be built! Join us and let’s make it happen!

No longer Brothers in Arms; we are Brothers in Penis!

Towards a new reality of Fraternal, Phallic Interconnectedness

Despite the darkness reproduced by those who stubbornly cling to the monolithic structures of the past, this is an exciting time to be alive. More and more Men are partaking of practices inspired in pagan memory and traditions that predate the Judeo-Christian paradigms of deceit, control and manipulation, and celebrating our common identity as Men, as Brothers, as spiritual sparks of the Divine having a physical experience. Bear with me as we briefly explore these concepts together.

Monolithic Paradigms

I do not want to take too long on this item, for many of us are already moving beyond the intellectual, emotional, physical and emotional restraints and spiritual blackmail of toxic Judeo-Christian thought.

Monolithic means rigid, uniform, which are appropriate words to describe the edifices of any instance of organized religion which prescribes behaviors that must be adopted without question. Why is it relevant to discuss paradigms conceptually? Because paradigms are structures of thought that heavily condition our perception, understanding, interpretation, manifestation and interaction with reality and phenomena. If you believe, for example, that Men are born “sinful” and “wicked,” your mind will recreate and reproduce this idea and reinforce it every time you are presented with evidence for your views. If you refuse to consider Men under other perspectives, all you will see in them is “sin” and “wickedness.” The universe is potential energy that reflects back the focus of both our fears and desires.

The only kind of Priest a Cock Worshiper needs. 😉

If you had, like I did, a Christian upbringing, you have probably been told a thousand times that any form of sexuality—touching yourself included—outside a heterosexual marriage sanctioned by the Church is evil and sinful. This creates a terrible sense of guilt, shame, anxiety and frustration that perverts the mind, for the expression of human sexuality is fundamental to a person’s emotional well-being.

This and other paradigms typical of ancient patriarchal societies, such as scarcity and war (the need to fight other Men to protect our belongings or take theirs under the premise that there is not enough for everybody), are completely obsolete. Many Men and Women these days seek to embrace lifestyles built more strongly upon community, not the isolated suburban dream and aggressive neocolonial interventionism which were typical of the materialistic and positivist American paradigm following World War II. It is a well-known fact that one planet would not be enough if everybody could live like the archetypical average American. As the middle class shrinks, a system based on greed and the transference of wealth and power to fewer hands reveals its unsustainability and heralds its own demise in the long run.

“There is enough on Earth for everybody’s need, but not enough for everybody’s greed.”—Gandhi.

Paganism: revival and new perspectives

As an archetype, the Horned God appeared in many cultures from the Pagan past.

It could be argued that Men and Women had a more positive—and healthier—view of human sexuality before the waves of Aryan migrations/invasions (Celtic culture being an exception, since, culturally speaking, they were quite distinct to the rest of the Indo-European family) and before the establishment of even more rigid Judeo-Christianity. Greek culture, for example, had Aryan roots as evidenced in their male-dominated pantheon. According to some scholars, Classical Greece was not at all a paradise of open, hedonistic homosexual indulgence, but they did have a strong, refined, erotic and homoerotic reverence towards the human body. Many cultural artifacts and texts suggest Men were more in contact with their masculinity and enjoyed it more fully, particularly in much older Greek culture.

We believe our Penises can help us bridge the physical and the spiritual.

We acknowledge the pagan influence in modern Phallicism, but, because of our contemporary reality, we bring in fresh, new perspectives. We draw inspiration from the past; we do not seek to copy it. Temple Priapus is not a religion, but a Brotherhood of Men who Love the Phallus, a space to share different sexual, cultural and spiritual ideas from various phallic perspectives.

Just like in most organizations with a democratic character, our views sometimes contradict each other. Nevertheless, all Men of our Brotherhood acknowledge our Cocks as a manifestation of the Divine Masculine. Contrary to common thought and beliefs which abhor and condemn human sexuality, we believe that the satisfaction and indulgence of our Phallic Lust is good and positive , that it can heal us and that it can heal the world.

We are Brothers

Men experience a natural drive to share and celebrate their physicality, but Society teaches them early in life that the sexual line should not and must not be crossed. All kinds of play between Men are valid, except for the open expression and sharing of their sexuality. While many of us disagree with the above, we do not want to impose our preferences and desires on others. Instead, our Brotherhood is open to all Men who feel a natural desire to seek and worship Penis. Although that desire often manifests in homosexual tendencies, we welcome all, regardless of their sexual orientation.

If you have ever found yourself wishing you could join a circle like the one above, this Brotherhood is for you. Regardless of shape and size, our Penises speak to each other. When they come together, vibrating in a frequency of shared, brotherly, Phallic Lust, we experience an undeniable bond, a sense of camaraderie and playful complicity that allows us to create a space where we are encouraged, supported and welcomed to express our sexual selves freely, respectfully, shamelessly, lasciviously…

The faces you like to make when you are beating your Man-Tool, or when your Brother’s Cock is deeply plowing your greedy Asshole. Not only has your Brother witnessed the kinks you discreetly keep beneath the necessary social façade of decorum and “correctness,” he has celebrated them with you. Your Brother knows of your goon, of your porn collection, of the plethora of sex toys in your room. He knows you like to talk dirty when you top. He knows you are fond of poppers, of piercings, of man-stink, of piss, of leather, of cigars and/or feet. He knows your balls are super sensitive. He knows how loud you moan and whine when you come, and He knows how vulnerable you feel at that moment…

He knows what you are into for he has been there with you.

Brothers-in-Cock develop a powerful bond that is forged at the most intimate layers of their incarnated selves, of who they are as Men.

It is a bond we love to express in the physical, but goes beyond the physical.

As it was before.

As it is now.

We will always be there for each other, to support each other, to care for each other, to love each other, to celebrate our Masculinity in the Flesh. We no longer need to hurt each other, to steal from each other, to spill our Brothers’ blood fighting wars that only serve the ambition of those who seek to own the entire planet.

We are no longer Brothers in Arms…

…We are Brothers in Penis!

Nuestro Templo Fálico

Una descripción de quiénes somos, dirigida a mis Hermanos Latinos que aman la Verga

Este breve escrito llega con algo de tardanza, pero, enhorabuena, querido Hermano Latino, me regocijo de que nos hayas encontrado. Ya alguien me había preguntado por qué no escribía en español; somos, después de todo, cientos de millones de personas con un precioso idioma en común. En el mundo latino reconocemos y celebramos las diferencias que hacen de cada cultura un pueblo rico y único, pero en lo esencial, nos unen muchas más cosas de las que nos separan.

Tú, mi Hermano, y yo somos Hombres.

Nuestros Penes y nuestra capacidad de producir la Simiente que engendra la Vida en nuestros Huevos, es lo que, fundamentalmente, nos define como Hombres.

Desde que inicia el despertar de nuestra sexualidad, cada Hombre desarrolla una relación única y especial con su Pene, a quien reconocemos no solo como una fuente de inmenso placer, sino también de poder: miramos con asombro como nuestras Penes parecen cobrar vida cuando, como si atendiendo a sus propios deseos, mutan desde su estado flácido hasta su soberbia erección. Nos deleitamos siendo testigos de como tanto Mujeres como Hombres se maravillan ante la potencia y belleza de nuestros Penes; ser penetrados y llenados por nuestras Pingas y su vivificante y deliciosa energía es un placer que muchos Hombres estamos redescubriendo.

Nuestro Templo de Príapo no es exactamente una religión; se trata de un espacio para que Hombres diversos compartan ideas y creencias basadas en prácticas que se resumen en la visión de que nuestros Penes son una manifestación física del aspecto Masculino de la Divinidad, y que, por la gracia de esos dones impartidos por nuestros Falos—dones como el Placer y Poder—podemos tener una conexión más íntima, profunda y fraterna con nostros mismos, con nuestros Hermanos, y con todo cuanto existe.

Templo de Príapo es un espacio para celebrar nuestra masculinidad y la expresión de nuestra sexualidad, libres de las cadenas perniciosas de la culpa y la vergüenza.

“En el Templo de Príapo, creemos que la satisfacción y expresión responsable, feliz, consensual y libre de culpa de nuestra sexualidad siempre será una elección más saludable que la supresión perversa del pensamiento y del deseo.”

Un espacio para Hombres que aman la Verga

Hermano, tal vez tú, como yo, vienes de un ambiente conservador donde se enseña que masturbarte es una actividad inmoral y estéril que no conduce a nada, una costumbre de viciosos y/o perdedores que no pueden tener “sexo real.”

Tal vez tú, como yo, creciste en una cultura donde amar la Verga—la tuya propia y, sobre todo, las de otros Hombres—es visto como una perversión enfermiza, sucia y pecaminosa. Maricón, joto, playo, bugarrón, cueco, puto; mil y un insultos y epítetos denigrantes que con seguridad sufriste alguna vez, orientados todos a hacerte sentir que eras “menos hombre” porque prefieres a los hombres, porque los amas.

Los Hermanos en Príapo creemos exactamente lo contrario. En lugar de considerar la intimidad con nuestros propios Penes y con los de nuestros hermanos como una abominación, la reconocemos como una expresión no solo perfectamente natural, sino como un regalo del Espíritu Divino Masculino en nosotros que se deleita en la celebración de su propia Masculinidad:

Creemos que compartir nuestro amor por la Verga con Hombres que piensan y sienten como nosotros, querido Hermano, no reduce nuestra Hombría, sino todo lo contrario…

…la fortalece.

Nuestra masculinidad se fortalece cuando la construimos de manera libre y personal, como deseamos, sin ideas preconcebidas, dogmáticas, castrantes, ni amenazantes de qué es lo que significa ser un Hombre.

Nuestra masculinidad se fortalece cuando su dimensión sexual es explorada y celebrada sin miedo a ser juzgados, castigados, censurados y excluidos.

Nuestra masculinidad también se fortalece cuando es compartida con otros Hombres de manera saludable, jovial, fraterna, respetuosa y afectuosa.

De un Hermano a otro Hermano

El Templo de Príapo es una Hermandad, un espacio basado en el respeto y la camaradería creado por Hombres, por Machos como tú y como yo que amamos la Verga, y ese amor empieza por nuestros propios Penes, a los cuales satisfacemos abundamente. Creemos que la masturbación, considerada en la mitología griega como un regalo de Hermes/Pan/Príapo, es un acto sagrado que puede ser usado para meditar sobre la realidad y para transformarla, para enfocar nuestras energías, o sencillamente para el autodisfrute de nuestra exuberante masculinidad sin culpa y sin remordimientos.

“Amo mi cuerpo y mis cualidades tal cual han sido recibidos,
y trabajo sobre ellos para crecer como Hombre y como ser espiritual.”

Por años viví avergonzado de mi sexualidad y de mi cuerpo, por ser demasiado delgado, por no tener un Pene enorme, por ser Latino, por mis deseos homosexuales y por una docena de otras cosas. En el Templo de Príapo pretendemos reforzar el mensaje de que solo quien se ama a sí mismo puede amar a otros. Solo quien se ama a sí mismo puede iniciar el propósito de amar la creación entera. Por eso buscamos vencer la vergüenza a través de la aceptación y celebración de nuestros cuerpos y nuestra sexualidad, a través del disfrute y del placer que empiezan por conocernos, complacernos, desarrollarnos y amarnos a nosotros mismos.

Orgullo: latino, hombre y adorador del Falo

Reitero, siempre que puedo, que ser Latino es un regalo. Tenemos la estirpe de tres razas—india, blanca y negra—con fortalezas (y debilidades) de todas ellas. Con frecuencia hemos sido y somos caricaturizados, humillados, tratados con condescendencia, como producto “exótico,” como los hijos ignorantes e incultos de sociedades que no consiguen “despegar” cuando se nos compara con el llamado “Primer Mundo,” el cual, supuestamente, se ha desarrollado por sus propios medios.

Pero solo necesitamos vernos al espejo para recordarnos que somos espectacularmente bellos; únicos en nuestra calidez latina, nuestra picardía, nuestra capacidad de reírnos de la vida y la adversidad. Somos apasionados y luchadores. Hemos sobrevivido siglos de atropello espiritual, cultural, político, económico…

…y aún estamos aquí.

Hoy no pretendemos otra cosa que forjar nuestro propio destino. A un nivel individual, para los hombres que nacemos y/u optamos por maneras diferentes de expresar nuestra masculinidad y sexualidad, esto significa abrazar nuestras preferencias, nuestra diversidad, nuestra naturaleza, nuestras identidades, nuestros deseos. En el Templo de Príapo, realmente no estamos “predicando” nada nuevo. Nosotros somos Hombres que creemos que el amor y el sexo pueden destruir el odio y la maldad. ¿Cómo? Uniéndonos como Hombres, en lugar de separarnos…

…amándonos, en lugar de hacernos daño.

Ten cuidado, mi Hermano, de aquellos que se apresuran a hablar de diferencias raciales, de nacionalidades, de clases y de odios sempiternos. Con frecuencia buscan manipularnos y hacernos partícipes de sus retorcidas agendas…

recuerda que TODOS los Hombres somos HERMANOS.

Cuando decimos que el Falo es Dios, simplemente estamos reconociendo ese vínculo espiritual, físico, emocional y sexual que nos une como Hombres y como Hermanos.

Si tú eres como nosotros, no busques más, mi Hermano.

Bienvenido a Casa.

Sodomy and Love

Sodomy as a Loving, Bonding Sacrament between Men

February the 14th. Amidst the commercial, cheesy and sugary, but often pleasant, funny and enjoyable expressions of love and friendship, I conclude we only display before others what Society deems acceptable. It is behind closed doors where we dare to voice our deepest, most intimate selves.

Freedom found, at last, in the confines of a room; a mirrored space where we face our bodies, both their beauty and their imperfections, both our confidence and our fear; our untamed fantasies, our hidden desires and, perhaps, most importantly, our need to commune with others and indulge our sexual selves.

For our sexuality is not a mere addition to our personality; it is the foundational framework of the personality that defines every other aspect of it.

As we abandon ourselves to our primeval Lust, by the grace and trust of our relationship with the Other, we naturally close our eyes as we drift within. In the space between all, we become vulnerable, yet one with the Universe, we come before our naked and sacred soul.

We come before ourselves…

…and our Humanity.

It is beautiful beyond words.

Men celebrating their Masculinity at the most intimate level. Love between Men truly is an act of manhood, an act of fraternity. If this is so, then Sodomy has got to be the ultimate bonding sacrament between Men, between Brothers.

Along the spectrum of all stereotypes and identities, the Brother who would receive the Sodomic Sacrament spreads His legs just like the blossoming orchid opens herself before the Sun’s first light, and begs the Man before Him, His Priest, to fill Him, to sate Him, to Honor the Spiritual Covenant. The Priest, the Deliverer, is bound to oblige, for, driven by a similar Lust, His desire, and nature, is to express and reinforce His Masculinity over His receptive Brother by imparting what He desires before all.

It might seem as Masculinity is about taking, but I believe it is the other way around:

Masculinity is, primarily, about giving.

And that is what We Men do during Sodomy: We deliver Power, Pleasure, Energy; We inject our very Lifeforce by wielding and thrusting our Glorious Penises deep into each other! We offer Ourselves in loving and submissive Worship as a Chalice for the Glory of the Divine Masculine, Who We adore and seek to please and to commune with.

Behold the mystery of the Sodomic Sacrament:

At a higher level of awareness and consciousness, the Man You penetrate truly is YOU. Likewise, the Man Who penetrates You, is YOU as well, because The Source truly is ONE and undivided.

…thus You BOTH are GOD.

You are both SPARKS of the DIVINE MASCULINE.

It is in this realization that we begin to understand Sodomy can be embraced as a Ritual, as a Sacrament between Men by which Energy can be exchanged between them. Even at its most animal, at its lewdest, Sodomy, when consensual and respectful of each other’s Spiritual Selves, too is an act of love, for it is the enactment, expression and satisfaction of desires that too originate within the Source, for the Source encompasses and sustains everything that is.

While the word sodomy conjures gruesome mental images of raining fire, of pillars of salt, of eternal damnation, of filth and perversion, we know beauty and ugliness are in the eye of the beholder. The quest to establish universal scales and codes of “Truth” and “Beauty” is doomed to fail from its very beginning, for the only major Truth there is, is the hermetic principle that everything is part of the Source and the Source is in everything.

As Children of the Source, ever do we seek to express, explore and celebrate ourselves!

Hermeticism teaches that everything expresses along a spectrum of polar opposites, which are not exactly two distinct features, but grades of a single quality. Cold and heat, for instance, are but degrees of the energy parameter we call heat. Sodomic desire manifests along a spectrum of receptiveness-assertiveness, thus there is power in the recognition and acceptance of the direction we tend to lean to. Still, one of patriarchy’s greatest flaws is the idea that the male/assertive pole is superior to the female/receptive one. However, since BOTH are part of the WHOLE, and BOTH polarities exist within each of us, we know this to be a terrible mistake that has brought much suffering to BOTH men and women. In sexual expression, our roles are not necessarily fixed, for human sexuality is fluid. As a versatile that leans towards sweet, slutty submission, it never ceases to amaze how much I can enjoy penetrating another Man as I whisper in His ears:

You are mine now.

Those of Us who love uninhibited, unbridled anal sex are Sodomic Revelers who take great pride and delight in the lascivious indulgence of the Flesh. We defeat the poisons of guilt and shame and merrily offer ourselves to the satisfaction of our primal, animal desire to copulate not for reproduction, but for the pleasure we draw from Sodomy itself.

There is hardly a more masculine act.

The uninitiated looks at the picture above and grimaces in disgust and disapproval.

The Sodomic Cock Worshiper, in turn, grins, nods and approves. Where others see ugliness, abomination and sin, He sees the beauty, harmony and benediction of two brave and honest Men celebrating Masculinity and getting from each other exactly what they crave, what they need.

The Matrix hates Sodomy, as well as all other acts of Homosexual Male Love, because it brings us Men together, and that is detrimental to the agenda of separation, manipulation and control.

Listen not to those who are too eager to prescribe how you should, or must live your life. Listen instead to the voice that invites you to hold your buddy in your arms and admire the miracle that He is.

For Men, there can be no romance without sex.

Partake of Sacred Sodomy with unbridled Lust and gratitude. Tell your partner how beautiful He is, how much you love to fuck Him, how much you love to be fucked by Him, how much you love His Cock.

Never take your sexual partner for granted.

Honor Him. Respect Him. Worship the God in Him.

God is not an external entity from which you are separated, disconnected.

He is literally sitting within you, for you are a part of Him.

From my October 2017 essay called The God Who Loves You:

“He knows you better than anyone because He is You. He is not there spying on You to make a list of all Your “sins” and “good deeds” to punish You or reward You in an extraterrestrial heaven or hell.

Behold THIS World, the Paradise created for the celebration of life, of pleasure, the world Patriarchy has raped and laid to waste, the world they are destroying with our complicity.

Every act of rebelliousness, like Sodomy, is a way to say “Fuck You” to their institutions and lies.

Cock knows you better because He is the MALE and the HOMOSEXUAL SEX DRIVE in YOU.

He knows when You need tender love-making…

…and He knows when You need to be pinned against a surface and literally have the shit fucked out of You.

He understands Your Needs; He celebrates them and wants to satisfy them.

Between consenting Men, they are all acts of love.”

Twice Blessed

Verses of Gratitude to the God Cock

On the evening of January 17, 2019, two Men of a exceptional virility, took turns to give me one of the most memorable fuckings of my entire life. These verses express my lust and my gratitude to these dominant, alpha Brothers; may the God Cock bless their generous hearts and grant them with many years of admirable, rock-hard, awe-inspiring, precum-leaking erections that they and the submissive Brothers they fuck may experience countless nights of uninhibited and lascivious male pleasure and communion in Cock.

One eve past,

Cloaked in dusk and dying light,

At the Altar of Eternal lust,

Cock, my God, blessed me twice.

Faithful, masculine, mysterious rites,

Bound in power and pain and pleasure,

As my knee bent in obedience,

Cock, my Lord, owned me twice.


Every pilgrim eventually finds

Whatever it is his heart desires.


One eve past,


Who had crossed the valley,

sailed the seas,

and braved perilous forests and sands;


Who had flown over the Pyrenees,

and the Altai,

and the Rockies,

and the Atlas;

Looking for God in every shrine,

Visiting temples and Holy Sites;

Found redemption, at last,

at the Altar between His thighs.

Hefty, stout, unyielding,

A stern, life-giving master who takes what He wants.

“Such is Your magnificence,

Such is Your splendor,”

I sang,

“Deliver me, Priapus, Pan;

Sirius, Sikandar Basileus, Adonai.”


He of the precious staff,

speaks not like clamorous thunder

for all to hear, for all to bide;

He speaks to You and You alone.

A deep, bass whispering rumble,

Blowing from the depths of a mountain shaft.


“What is it that you offer,

before your Liege, my Boy, my Child?”


My heart beating ferociously,

I slowly disrobed before His hungry sight.

“I offer myself, my Sire.”


O I am in love with his wicked, condescending smile!

I grovel before Him,

I grovel before the edifice of His growing, towering presence.

“In body, mind, and soul, you are Mine.”


He gropes my worshiping holes

with shameless indecency:


“It is with this, you shall now part.”


One eve past,

His throbbing flesh gaping my mouth,

His inebriating musk flooding my nostrils,

Cock, my God, made me gag.


“Take it,

O my Whore of a Son,

Take it good,

Take it right.”


Grinning with gusto,

Using me with delight,

Cock, my God, blessed me twice.

“Worship Me,

Worship the Cock that made you

with mouth open wide.”


He stuffed me His meat,

Tears slid from my eyes,

Cock, my God, blessed me twice.


One eve past,

As I lied spread on the sacrificial slab

The deliverance I craved so bad,

Cock, my God, decided to impart.


“Take this Big Cock,

O sweet, fucking slut,

Take it, My Boy!

Take it like a Man!”

He fucked me to the hilt,

Making me whimper, moan and sigh.

Cock, my God, blessed me twice.


“Surrender to Me,

Surrender to the Cock that is fucking you,

To the Cock that gave and gives you life.”


“Surrender to Me,

Surrender to the Living God sodomizing you,

To the Cock that enraptures your Heart.”

“Surrender to Me,

Surrender to the Flesh of Man impaling you,

To the Cock that teaches you both humility and pride.”


“Surrender to Me,

Surrender to the Mighty Hammer forging you anew,

To the Cock that is both Fire and Light.”


One eve past,

I married my Groom,

And I was His.

And He was Mine.

At the Altar of Eternal Lust.

Cock, my God, blessed me twice.