Lust Is the Call to Worship

Lust fills our being with the overwhelming desire to take knee and worship the ripe, hanging penis. It dangles before us dripping, dewy and sweet. It calls our lips forward to kiss the swollen head and nuzzle the solid shaft. Lust calls our tongues to awaken in order to lap the firm flesh that surrounds the life sustaining penis. Drops of salty, sweet, virile juices trickle from the penis tip to be licked and savored. Burly masses of pubic hair fill our nostrils with pheromones, serving to amplify our lust. The virile testicle sack, bulging with seed, begs to be massaged and caressed. Lust commands we suckle the penis. Lust demands we embrace the penis with our mouths. As the host spreads his powerful thighs so we may freely access the genital altar, all our lusts converge in a spiritual implosion of phallic love. Priapus is pleased. Through the host, he unleashes and delivers a torrent of his divine semen into our mouths. We are fertilized. We are watered and fed. Penis… Penis… Penis…

Praise Priapus!

Cherish Lust, for it’s good!

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