God Penis

Our gracious holy God Penis:
You are supremely beautiful and fully erect.
You give me pleasure and nourishment.
I relish in licking every drop of your cum.
Your image and shape are superb.
The balls embellish your stance.
I kiss the veins on the shaft.
I suck the head with passion.
I feel my own cock itching with desire.
You are such a good father.
O Dear God Penis.

Book of Cock Prayer, revised

Worship the Holy One

You are called to worship the holy one.
Remove all garments;
Unclothed you shall remain,
Praying in naked adoration.
The Lord God Penis is unlimited in lust.
He demands that our hands caress him.
He orders our mouths to suck him.
He commands our assholes to accept him.
We must obey humbly and with pride
To be consecrated by our Lord Penis.

Book of Cock Prayer, revised

I Awoke

I awoke at 3:00 am; I am naked.
Was it a dream or did I hear a noise, I feel a presence near my lips.
It is the cockhead of our God.
Holy Precum is placed on my chin and nose.
I reveal my tongue and taste the nectar.
I am now fully awake and my worshiping mouth engulfs our God.
I feel a warm embrace of my own Cock.
As my worshipful lips caress His Holy Head.
A probing tongue greedily seeks the Holy Precum and Holy Seed to follow.
I feel the Cock within my mouth harden,
I taste the Precum flowing,
Before long I feel the rhythmic pumping and taste the wondrous Holy Seed,
As the Holy Seed from below warms my groin, I am blessed with more from above.
I savour every drop;
None is wasted.
I feel in heaven,
I kiss the hooded head of this God of the Night;
I go back to sleep satisfied.

Book of Cock Prayer, revised

Keep an Image of God Penis Always in Your Mind

In our endeavor to glorify the Lord God Phallus in our daily life
We must maintain in our minds
A clear image of Cock in action or at rest.
Keep our minds firmly on Penis.
We must act and behave as living disciples of Cock,
Obeying every desire our Lord commands within us,
And in this manner we become constantly aware of his divine presence.

Book of Cock Prayer, revised

Unselfish Love for the Holy Cock

Hold in your thoughts unselfish love for the Holy Cock
And you will receive directly the power of God Penis.
You will include in your prayers all men at all times.
Bringing peace, happiness, and prosperity to all mankind.
When you seek a partner, be it for Holy Cummunion or romance,
Remember that your real husband is always Lord God Penis .
Give Him your unconditional love,
For love only exists because of Him.

Book of Cock Prayer, revised

Prayer to Our Father Cock

Our Father Cock! We LOVE you! We STROKE you! We ACKNOWLEDGE you as our GOD!!! Guide us!!! Show us the way to others yearning to know this truth! Let us listen for YOUR call in all we do!!! Let us FALL TO OUR KNEES BEFORE YOU OH GOD!!! Let us BEND OVER TO RECEIVE YOU OH FATHER!!! Let us OFFER OUR GOD TO OTHERS TO FEED AND TO FILL OTHERS!!! We are MEN called to serve YOU!!! LET US DO THAT THIS DAY!!! NEMA!!!!!!!!!

God Is Here

God is here,
Thick, long and erect.
I open my mouth and suck it now.
I want to be penetrated to the depths my throat.
Oh mighty Lord, I love you with all my heart and body and soul.
I shall revel in Cock.
I shall devour its blessing.
My body is His forever.

Book of Cock Prayer, revised

Cock Adoration


“Savor the fact that Cock exists
As God to be pleased.
Cock receives your worship magnificently.
Nothing in the universe welcomes adoration
As perfectly and completely as Cock.” –Bible of Cock
Cock is God’s crowning achievement! I only have to gaze at man’s Cock and it transforms me into a lustful, primitive being; salivating with Penis Hunger. Suddenly, all other thoughts leave my mind as Penis, Balls and Pubic Hair fill my field of vision. Approaching with anticipation, I first inhale the musky, male aroma that loads my senses with pheromones and grooms me for worship. The urge to rub and mark my face with its masculine scent is instinctive. I do not hesitate to give in to my primal nature!
The Host Penis begins to swell and lengthen as it responds to my ritual of worship. Next my mouth travels to the tightening Ball Sack, opening wide to suckle Manhood’s Twin Testicles. The first one dances on my tongue for a second before an earnest slurp carries it into my mouth where I caress and massage it. I tend to the other with equal care. I am blessed as I hold the Crucibles of Life itself in my mouth.
By now the Host Penis is erect and throbbing with the pleasure of being worshipped. Sweet Cock Nectar appears on the Piss Slit as I move to lick up and down the Great Thick Shaft. I stop momentarily to flick the Precum with my tongue. I lick my lips. It tastes good. His Cock Head slips between my cheeks, knowing it belongs there. I suck slowly at first but I lust for more. The Host demands more. Like an unbroken stallion out of control, he thrusts his hard, dripping Phallus further into my mouth, plunging it deeper and deeper down my throat, grunting lustily from the depths of his loins! His pace quickens while Sperm and Semen marshal and collect within his Male Sack. Drool is pouring out from around my Cock filled mouth as I feel drops of saliva and sweat dripping from The Host Beast above, hitting my scalp. He grabs my head and assumes complete control, plunging into my throat with his Engorged Cock. I am now almost unconscious with lust as his muscles flex and tighten, signaling the onset of orgasm. Heaving and bucking, the Beast Penis fires the first spasm of Holy Semen into my mouth. Gasping for breath, my lips feel this throbbing Man Cock pumping and pulsing relentless masses of thick, salty-sweet cum, filling my throat as I struggle to swallow every Glorious Wad. What an honor to saturate and anoint my gut with this man’s Cock Milk. I have been blessed.

As his heaves begin to subside, I can now lazily savor the final seepages of cum flowing into my mouth. I suck him dry. I waste not one drop, for this is Holy Nectar.
We now breathe and glow in the shadow of a smiling Priapus as I let his softening Penis gently fall from my mouth. My adoration is not yet satisfied, though, until I lick the Beast Cock clean, completing my homage to God!
Penis is my Master. Lust is my Teacher. Worship is my Life.
Adore Cock! Cock is God!