A Loyal Servant of Cock

After prolonged prayerful masturbating,
Having stroked the holy cock with his hands,
Divine Penis has delivered up its sacred juice.
A loyal disciple looks up to face the priest,
In gratitude and humble reverence,
With love and respect he glorifies the Lord God Penis.
He ponders the sacrament of hot cum
Anointing his shoulder and chest,
Still grasping the dripping priestly cock,
He licks the final bead of Holy Cum
Securing his blessing.

Book of Cock Prayer, revised

A Prayer to the Living Phallus of Priapus




Z.Prayer Living Phallus

I am here again to kneel before you and pay homage to your living phallus. I humbly beg to kiss, caress and suck the holy penis that proudly graces your virile loins. I’m here to breathe the heady aroma of your seed bearing testicles, so plump and full of life. Nourish me with your sacred semen. Fill my mouth with your nectar of vigorous sperm that I may be blessed with a fountain of divine sustenance. As I worship your cock of magnificence, I pray you accept the masculine juices that seep from my own penis, so swollen with joy, as visual evidence of my devotion. I am my master’s servant. I serve the phallus. I serve Priapus. And so it will be, always. NEMA!



Let us rejoice, dear brother!

Let us praise Priapus who manifests himself in the penises which hang from our loins.

Let us take one another’s penises into our mouths and suckle our Holy Endowment.

Let our mouths be filled with blessed penis.

Let our tongues lick the precious nectars that flow from the penis.

Let us refresh ourselves at the penis fountain.

Let us lose ourselves in penis lust.

Let our penises swell with the sweet Blood of Priapus.

Let our mouths savor the salty succulence of masculine juices.

Let our oral labor coax and seduce rivers of life giving semen from brother to brother.

Let us fill our mouths and bellies with the nourishment of living sperm.

Let our moans of penis pleasure fill your ears, great Priapus, with reverent praise.

Hail Penis! Hail Priapus!


Holy Cum of Our Divine God Cock

Holy Cum of Our Divine God Cock:
Bless me, anoint me, inhabit me.
Give me your strength and power.
Bathe me with your virile juices.
Brothers in cock and cum,
Receive my Penis in reverence.
Bring me to climax.
Rejoice in the presence of my semen,
For you shall lick and swallow all of it.
Great is the Divine God Cock!

Book of Cock Prayer, revised

Worship with My Penis

Be bountiful unto me, O Lord God Penis,
For this man shall swallow cum every day of his life.
Your Holy Juice is the CockSeed of my existence.
All men around the world must worship you today and every day.
By sucking Cock earnestly and swallowing hot cum with dedicated love,
Your Holy Semen will be spread to all men who suck my penis,
And I shall suck theirs in glory.

Book of Cock Prayer, revised

Holy Cream of God

Holy Cream of God,
Bless my ass with your life affirming sperm.
Make me humble and obedient in the presence of the Lord God Penis.
Fuck me now and always.
Honor me your creamy cum .
I rejoice with the Sacred Cream in my asshole,
And within my body,
For I am calmed for now
Until my lustful hunger returns.

Book of Cock Prayer, revised

The Extraordinary Beauty of Phallus

Whether Cock is erect or flaccid,
Whether Cock is in your mouth or manhole,
It may be simply touching your body
Ripe with carnal anticipation,
Or just hanging down
Oozing fresh droplets of cum
After having spewed its semen to the heavens.
It is magnificent,
Beautiful and brimming with life.
We cannot imagine a world without Cocks.
Praise Cock for his presence and power
Reflected on the cocks of all men.
Share Cock today!

Book of Cock Prayer, revised

Cock Prayer

Hail cock! Hail cock! Hail almighty cock!
Thy shaft gives cum
thy will is done
when my fuckholes are temples for thee
give us this day our daily seed and forgive us for the cocks we have been unable to suck
grant that I may suck all mens cocks
and lead me that I may lead others into the kingdom of cock
for cock is the kingdom
cock is the glory
cock is the power
hail cock hail cock hail almighty cock!
Thy shaft gives cum

Piss, the Holy Waters of Divine Phallus

Piss! the Holy Water of Divine Phallus.
Piss! It cleanses us,
Piss! It nurtures us,
Piss! It makes us feel the power of God Cock.
Each morning I anoint my body.
I drink the blessed amber juice.
Holy CockPiss is sacred.
Piss on yourself,
Piss on others,
Exchange your amber juices
Each and everyday,
And you will bring glory to Divine Phallus.

Book of Cock Prayer, revised

The Aroma of Masculinity

Whenever I kneel in front of a naked man, the first thing I must do is inhale his genital aroma. It intoxicates like powerful incense and opens me up to his spiritual energy. I commence rubbing my nose in his pubic hair. Then with a circular motion, move down to his testicles and back up, again and again. There is no scent on earth as heavenly as that which emanates from between a man’s legs. As this scent fills my head, I do not close my eyes. They are mesmerized by the sight of hair, cock and balls responding to my grazing. The Spirit of Priapus overtakes me! I am communicating with God! Before me is the portal to enlightenment! I must suckle this man’s cock in humble gratitude and devotion. How fulfilling it is to take a flaccid penis into my mouth and stimulate it to erection…to feel it swell and engorge with blood while I suck it firmly, surrounding it with my throat and lips…all the while filling my nose and lungs with that most male of scents. The Musk of Man. The Aroma of Masculinity. Praise Priapus!