Prayer to Phallos, Our Father and Creator


A former devout Catholic altar boy prays to the Eternal Father Phallos, Creator of Man and Lord Cock.


Our Father Phallos, Who art in Heaven which is found between the legs of men,

Hallowed be Thy name, Lord Cock, and blessed are the Priests of your temple.

Thy Kingdom is a paradise of Holy Cum.

May Thy will be done in my mouth or in my asshole.

Give me this day your daily cock blessings

And forgive me my trespasses when I neglect Cock.

And lead me always into temptation and lust.

Keep me safe in your embrace, Eternal Father. Amen.

4 Replies to “Prayer to Phallos, Our Father and Creator”

  1. Pray I also join the naked kneeling before the Lord Cock. Pray also I am also worshipped. But yes, Lord Cock, the giver of life – semen, the sacred protein, and the golden water – urine, if allowed its healing replenishment.

  2. I will be on my knees serving God Cock and receiving his seed in my mouth and ass. I surrender my body to almighty Priapus as a vessel for cock lust and adoration for all phallus between the legs of men. Hail Father God cock!

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