There Is but One God and He Is Phallus

There is but one god and he is phallus, lord priapus, the highest authority and ultimate truth.
Lord Priapus manifests his holy divinity in the living flesh of the penis/cock.
Through penis/cock we communicate directly with priapus, god of all cock.
By submitting mouth and manhole to penis/cock in sincerest worship and adoration, we are blessed with purpose, inner peace and fulfillment.
Gazing upon the penis/cock and inhaling its masculine scent grooms and prepares the mind for worship.
All fluids which flow from penis/cock are precious and holy. We treasure these with reverence.
By imbibing his supreme essences we secure embodiment of his power, love and protection.
We are honored and humbled to serve penis/cock and receive his blessings.
Man is the creation of penis/cock. In prayer, in worship, in meditation and in devotion we travel the holy path, bringing peace, harmony and brotherhood to ourselves and to all men .

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