I kneel to you God Cock
My mouth drops wide for you God Cock
I salivate for you God Cock
My muscles relax for you God Cock
Enter me God Cock
Bless me God Cock
Fill me God Cock
Warm me God Cock
Warm others God Cock
Connect us God Cock
Pulse within us God Cock
We are one.

Hail Phallus!
Hail Priapus!
Hail Penis!
Hail Cock!

3 Replies to “Worship”

    Yes, fill us with your hot thick hot jizzy cream – suckling You from our lusting mouths –
    Craving your hard warm GOD COCK – enter us, our naked man-hole Kingdom is yours to fill. Hail Priapus! Hail God Cock forever my lusting Brothers drink his nourishment, let him fill our man-holes with his nourishment. We ARE one.

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